Sodexo Opens New Café in Adler Nursing Center

Photo by Alex Simone, Ramapo Facebook

Earlier this week, Ramapo opened the new Adler Café, located on the first floor of the Adler Center for Nursing Excellence. Welcoming students to this new location, Sodexo is offering a few new items on the café’s menu, as well as a more convenient location for students on that side of campus.  

“I think it brings another opportunity, especially for the nursing students, to grab something that they need quicker,” Lisa Ralowski, supervisor of Dining Services, said.

Sophomore Holly Goldfarb offered a similar opinion on the café’s location.

“The Curtain Call Café is on the other side of campus and then the Pay Caf is in the middle, so to have something a little bit closer to people who are in the CPAs or Bischoff and Mackin Hall is nice. If you’re walking from that direction it’s on the way to the Bradley Center, or, for a lot of the nursing students, they probably have a lot of classes in the Adler Center,” Goldfarb said.

Along with its convenient location, the café offers a new view of the campus.

“It has a nice sitting area with all the windows — it’s just a nice atmosphere,” Ralowski said.

Students seem to agree with Ralowski:

 “It was really nice,” Goldfarb said. “There were a lot of different food options … I went with my roommate and she got a really great looking salad. I will definitely go back to try it.”

The menu, created by Sodexo, is offering a variety of hot and cold sandwiches, soups, salads, coffee and grab-and-go selections, as well as bi-weekly specials.

“The menu is different — it’s a little small, but it’s a café. It’s definitely really nice and the fact that the sun is setting later means that more light comes in,” Goldfarb said.