Egg Dyeing Social Brings Easter Tradition to Friends Hall

Students engaged in a traditional springtime activity while enjoying time with their friends at the Egg Dyeing Social that was held this Thursday by the College Programming Board in Friends Hall.

One of the event’s organizers, sophomore Nicole Wert, did not think the event was going to be successful, because of students leaving campus for home to celebrate the holiday with family. But Wert was proven wrong when about 30 people attended the event.

“I think that people are able to reminisce about their childhood at this event because of the fact that many of us did partake in little crafty activities like this. I sure did,” said Wert.

The CPB set up an array of round tables with chairs in Friends Hall, allowing attendees to be able to mingle and converse with one another while dyeing their eggs. Tables included supplies like eggs, dyes, goodie bags and refreshments. In the background, rock music played.

 “It was a soothing experience – I got to dye eggs, be creative and meet new people while the egg was sitting in the dye, instead of being on your phone” said junior Lenin Veras. “It was a good chance to speak with other people around you.”

Freshman Sam Schwartz, a member of CPB, was very enthusiastic about the event.

“It was a lot of fun to help set up and actually see people enjoy themselves. It gives me some sense of satisfaction that what I helped in didn’t go unnoticed,” he said.

Another attendee, sophomore Jonathan Cedeno, said, “I feel like we all want to be kids at heart and this was a judgment-free zone where you could experience that feeling again.”

Cedeno continued, saying he believes that on most college campuses, many students use their downtime to party and drink, but he found it refreshing to see that this was not the case at Ramapo that day. He loves the fact that the College Programming Board offers many diverse events weekly and will try to support more upcoming events.