Sun Shines on 3rd Annual Run with Color, $9,322 Raised

Photo by Erica Coslop

It was sunny and in the 80s this Sunday as Ramapo hosted its third annual Run with Color 5K, an event meant to both raise money and get students and community members active. However, this was no ordinary 5K run. During the race, runners encountered clouds of colored powder being thrown at them and came out on the other side covered in pastel hues.

The run, sponsored by the Student Government Association, set a goal to raise $5,000, but before the run even began they had already raised over $7,500. SGA's final total reached $9,322. About 350 people preregistered and over 150 more signed up the day of the race. In all, there were 417 participants.

“We’re raising money for the Ramapo College Annual Fund, which benefits scholarships to underprivileged students, as well as infrastructure projects to fix things around campus,” said junior Meg Patel, who helped run the Run with Color event.

Ramapo’s radio station, WRPR, was there to supply participants with upbeat music before they set off on their three-mile run around campus. The grove in front of the Arch was packed with runners donning white T-shirts and sunglasses for the start of the race, and they were more than just students.

“We just want to bring people together and try to foster school spirit. We have alumni here, we have community members here and current students here,” said Patel. “It’s just a great event. We bring people out in the spring, they get T-shirts, sunglasses, and they’re getting lunch afterward.”

“I’m very excited to see so many faces here,” Patel said to all the runners before the race began. “It’s a great day. It’s a hot one, but it’s better than rain.”

The race started at the Arch and looped around past the front gates and Trustees Pavilion. Runners then headed all the way around campus to the Village. After passing the Berrie Center and Bradley Center, they did another half loop through the College Park Apartments and then past Linden Hall and toward the Birch Tree Inn. All the while, colored powder was being tossed at the runners by members of fraternities and sororities as part of Ramapo’s Greek Week, an event meant to promote campus involvement and unity within the Greek community.

Finally, back at the Arch, Ramapo mascot Fledge was waiting to high-five the tired but colorful runners as they crossed the finish line.

“I thought it was awesome. I loved it,” said sophomore Bridgette Buckalew.

Freshman Samantha Mundy said of the event, "I'm really happy the turnout is twice what it was last year. They put so much work into it and I think everyone who attended enjoyed themselves.”

Afterward, there were subs, music and face painting for the rainbow-colored participants. After everyone finished, they threw the remaining colored powder up into the air and onto themselves.

“It was fun – it feels like spring,” said freshman Amanda Matestic. “It’s nice to see everyone get outside instead of just staying in on the weekend.”