CPB’s Toilet Cart Racing Flush with Fun and Excitement

Photo by Nicole Williams

As spring comes forward and the cold winter months are left behind, the College Programming Board hosted one of their first outdoor events of the semester last Thursday, titled Toilet Cars and More. The unique event took place in the Laurel Courts where it drew a lot of attention.  

The event featured miniature motorcycles that were made up of toilet seats and either painted like wood or plastic. Participators would sit on the toilet seat and the right handle had a throttle that would either accelerate or stop altogether to initiate a deceleration.

Additionally, in light of this carnival type event, the College Programming Board also provided churros for attendees to enjoy.

In addition to being able to ride in the toilet cars individually, competitors had the opportunity to race each other. "The inflatable race car track grabbed my attention as I was walking back to my dorm and so I decided to check it out,” freshman Caterine Castillo said.

Junior Brittany Jordan said, "The turns were a little difficult, I was actually afraid of falling off but it was a cool experience and something that I have never seen before. This was definitely a road down memory lane, because it has been so long since I have gotten the chance to ride on a race car track as I used to when I would go on vacation.”

“Not only did the nice setting attract me, but so did the lively music, because there were people around and I just like to surround myself with good vibes, which is what this event offered,” said junior Chrismairi Acosta. “I attend the CPB events a lot throughout the year, but this one was new and enjoyable for pretty much everyone – even if you didn’t participate in the actual racing.”