Sequins and Gingham Patterns Adorn Spring Fashion

Photo Courtesy of Fashionistas, Flickr Creative Commons

The new season of fashion has arrived and people are taking the time to dig through their closets while also looking around for the next big thing.

The bright and bold theme is back. According to Glamour magazine, this spring 2016, the trend is bright and bold stripes. Cotton tops, colored classic stripes, striped sheer-knit midi skirts and jeans and striped cotton T-shirts are all hot fashion items this spring.

Another trend this spring is the “Grown-Up Gingham,” which according to Glamour is a youthful look for warm weather. Tailored trousers, mid-length dresses, gingham blouses, gingham check-print miniskirts and sea ruffled gingham dresses will all be a hit this spring.

Another trend this season are micro-pleats. The micro-pleated texture works well with skirts and dresses typically worn in the spring, as it adds a trendy shape to any body type, while still staying unstructured, draping beautifully on any figure.  

This season, burgundy, green and navy sequins and sparkles are the new trend, instead of the traditional black or silver.

Another spring 2016 fashion trend is patterned patchwork. The big and bold patchwork is expected to strike, putting skirts and dresses with bright colors and prints under the spotlight. Printed tops, puffy sleeve front bib dresses and patched jackets will all be in style.

Romantic ruffles are here to satisfy more feminine dressers. Soft and loose ruffles that cascade in tiers are expected to be a hit this season, whether the fabric is suede, silk or raffia. Ruffled cotton-jersey tops, silk one-shoulder ruffle dresses and decorative ruffle blouses are another tend to watch out for.

Indigo printed patterns, subtle acid washing and eyelet texture will be popular in the fashion world for jeans. Wide leg jeans, high-waisted skirts, cropped destroyed pattern straight jeans, sibling printed denim jackets and embroidered boyfriend jeans will all be hits.

These days, pajamas are so carefully designed that the new trend will be to wear them outside the bedroom. Luxe silk fabric, tapered pant styles, belted blazer robes, pajama blouses and piped trim trousers are all hot fashion items to look out for.

Low slung pants are another trend this spring. The trouser waistlines are down low again, resting at the hip. Silk, wool and cotton slouchy and wide-leg shaped pants are the trend this season.

Although there are also other trends this spring in the fashion world, these are the key trends. Be on the lookout for bright and bold styles, Gingham, micro-pleats, sequins and sparkles, patterned patchwork, romantic ruffles, exposed shoulders, denim, pajama dressing and low slung pants this spring when shopping for clothes.