Altercation Shakes Campus Over the Weekend

An altercation between students outside the College Park Apartments took place around 8:40 p.m. Saturday, when, witnesses said, a resident of Redwood approached two people outside of the dorm who were smoking.

The Mahwah Daily Voice reported that the resident “complained about them smoking cigarettes outside of the dorms because smoke would get into the dorm area.”

The argument apparently escalated after the resident asked them a second time to stop smoking near the dorm buildings. It was at that point, according to some who witnessed the altercation, that the resident pulled a hunting knife out and a fight ensued. As a result, the resident and one of the smokers sustained minor cuts.

Other students tried to intervene as Public Safety officers and later Mahwah police arrived on the scene.

According to the Mahwah Daily Voice, the resident was charged with aggravated assault and two weapons offenses while the smokers were each charged with simple assault.

When approached, Public Safety and the College Park Apartments Resident Life office both declined to comment. College policy does state that there is no smoking within 25 feet of a building.