Saturday Night’s Head Banging Live Show

Photo by Jessica Musinski

Students gathered in Friends Hall on Saturday night for a ground shaking and head-banging night of performances. The College Programming Board teamed up with the Music Club to host the Rock Show, which featured many talented Ramapo musicians.

The show included performances by the bands Mother Goose, Skyline Drive, Roswell Debacle, Save Face and Ambary Lake.

Junior Alexia Mavros thought, “all the bands were very good.” Mavros enjoyed the show alongside friends and other spectators. She said, “Ramapo should have more events like the Rock Show and more people should come out to listen.”

Over 30 students crowded the stage to dance along to the music. Many students in attendance came out to support their friends who were performing; even some alumni visited Ramapo for the show.

Alexa Montecalvo, who graduated in May, said she “came back to see the show and her friends that were performing.”

“Mother Goose was really good. I watched them write the songs, so it was cool to see them actually play them and I got to sing along,” said Montecalvo, giving her thoughts on the show.

Montecalvo also commented on the most crowd-pleasing band of the night, Save Face: “They have awesome stage presence and they were fun to watch. Even though I didn’t know any of their music, it’s a new band that I discovered and will listen to.”

In between songs, each band took the time to thank the CPB and Music Club for hosting the event, as well as the audience for coming out to support them.

Roswell Debacle informed members of the audience that they have CDs available for any price that seems reasonable. The lead singer, Felix Almentero said, “you can pay whatever you want; if you like us, pay, if you don’t, just take the CD and listen to it.” Similarly the lead singer of Save Face, Tyler Povanda, urged spectators to buy their merchandise located in the back of Friends Hall, which included T-shirts and CDs.

Each artist that took the stage flaunted their musical ability, whether it be singing, playing guitar or playing the drums. The spirited performances captivated and excited the crowd.

“I thought all the bands were pretty good, but my favorite was Save Face; I think they all did a really good job though,” said junior Monique Shadruff.

The Rock Show “was a nice way to spend a Saturday night at Ramapo,” said Shadruff.