A Look at Presidential Candidate’s Foreign Policies

Photo courtesy of Olivier Engel, Flickr

A key topic in this year’s election is what each candidate has to offer in foreign policy and national security. It is clear that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton want to defeat ISIS and protect the homeland. For the most part, both candidates seem to agree on what should be done.

Donald Trump looks to defeat ISIS with joint military operations. This policy will look to work with Arab nations in the Middle East to cut off ISIS funding, this would expand the sharing of intelligence and disable their ability to recruit and display propaganda on the internet.

Trump also wants to end the ideology of radical Islamic terrorism. This will push for Trump’s main point of rebuilding and achieving more funding towards the military. Trump looks to put the American people first by installing stricter security procedures and refugee polices. Also, Trump aims to stand up to China and their unfair trade deals. Lastly, he plans to equip the military with better technology to counter any ballistic missile threat from Iran and North Korea.

Hillary Clinton looks to take out ISIS’ stronghold in Iraq and Syria by increasing coalition air strikes and supporting Arab allies on the ground to protect their citizens, while also combating ISIS ground forces. Secretary Clinton looks to network with allies to share intelligence and help stop terrorist attacks on the homeland, while also working with tech companies to stop ISIS propaganda and intercept communications.

Clinton also looks to spend more on the military to well equip them for 21st century threats from abroad. Secretary Clinton wants to install policies to vet incoming refugees but she also wants to increase their reception by 550 percent. Lastly, Clinton pledges to enforce the nuclear agreement with Iran, standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his nation’s aggression in Europe and the Middle East. She also wants to hold China accountable for breaking rules in trade, human rights and climate change.

Overall, both candidates want to protect Americans at home and abroad by defeating ISIS, standing up to Iran and Russia and spending more money on rebuilding America’s military. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton look to stand up to foreign powers such as China and make sure they play by the rules. Although both agree on basic and key topics in foreign policy and national security, it really comes down to spending.

Most of these policies by both candidates involve increased spending in defense and the main question, which arises from this, is will this type of spending fit and reflect good management of taxpayer dollars? It is clear that each candidate’s policies will impact tax payer’s pockets when these policies are put into place.