“The Girl on the Train” is No Dull Commute

Photo courtesy of GDCGraphics, Wikipedia

Paula Hawkins' novel, “The Girl on the Train” is one of the New York Times’ #1 bestselling psychological thrillers. The book’s story is known for its unpredictable plot-twist and its ability to grab the attention of readers. In the new adaptation of the novel, director Tate Taylor brings the popular piece of fiction to life in a phenomenal film that will leave viewers speechless.

The story revolves around Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt), a distressed woman who takes the train every day. On her daily journeys, she gets brief glimpses of a picture-perfect couple, Meghan and Scott, outside of their home. That is, until one evening, when Rachel witnesses the possible murder of Meghan (Haley Bennett) and claims to know the solution to the case.

However, the only thing holding her back is her vague memory caused by intoxication. While the police refuse to help her, Rachel begins to investigate on her own in order to find justice for a woman she hardly knew.

Moviegoers who have read the book will be very impressed with the director’s interpretation of the source material. The storyline of the film is just as precisely crafted as the novel’s plot. Unfortunately, viewers who have not read the book may find the beginning of the film confusing, because of the way in which the characters are introduced.

To begin with, the story itself is creative and ingenious. Even those who have read the book, and know what to expect, will still experience hair-raising goose bumps and chills running down their spines. Theatergoers will feel Rachel’s pain and anxiety; the film will have viewers on the edge of their seats, yearning for questions to be answered. Each character has their own story and in the end, they all tie together into a whole.

The actors certainly do a phenomenal job in playing their roles and expressing their characters flawlessly – the star of the film, Blunt, steals the show.

Blunt is the perfect actor for the role. She deserves an Oscar for the amount of tears she loses during scenes. She puts up an amazing performance.

Moviegoers searching for a movie that will mess up their minds with an intense plot-twist must see “The Girl on the Train.” This reviewer would waste no time in paying to see it again.