Book Recomendations for the Fall Reading Season

Photo courtesy of Frank M. Rafik, Flickr

Fall is a time for change in students’ lives: school starts, the weather cools down, flannels make their way out of the closets and people begin to cuddle up in their favorite blankets. During these changes, Ramapo students like to relax and unwind in the autumn season by cracking open books and reading a captivating story. Fall reading strengthens readers’ minds, and gives bookworms a chance to forget the stresses in their lives.

Students read books from a wide variety of genres like fantasy, horror, romance, historical fiction or autobiographies.

Freshman Tara Meany said, “I love reading memoirs like ‘Half Broke Horse’ by Jeannette Walls.” She continued, “[Reading] helps smooth my transition from summer to fall.”

Reading has the unique ability to put one’s mind on autopilot, while immersing it in an alternate world. It can repel all of the craziness going on around the reader and let them enjoy some quiet entertainment for a while.

“I read a lot of romance novels like ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes,” Kenny Steimle, a freshman, said. “Because they’re always so dramatic that it gives me a break from my mind, especially when school starts.”

Artsy bibliophiles will find that reading by the lake at the center of campus, with crinkled leaves all around, makes for a great Snapchat story. Make a cup of a your favorite coffee and snuggle up in a fuzzy blanket in order to facilitate a cozy reading experience when the temperature drops.

Freshman Krupa Lanka recommends reading in her dorm’s lounge because, “It gets nice sunlight, and lets me just enjoy the day with my friends around.” For those who enjoy fiction Lanka said, “I recommend ‘Everything is Illuminated’ by John Safran-Foer…it’s one of those books I can reread over and over again.”

No matter the reason, books will always be around as an easily-accessible form of entertainment to students. Those who want to chill in their room, temporarily forget their homework assignments or just exercise their mind for a little bit can do so with a book. There are endless genres catering to any student’s favorite topic. Those seeking a reprieve from the stresses of college should head over to the library this fall and pick up a cozy read.