Halloween Comes to an End With CPA After Party

Photo by Melissa Scalia

The College Park Apartments’ Residence Hall Council presented its first annual Halloween After Party on Tuesday, with more than 100 students from all over campus meeting at  the basketball courts outside the Lodge to have Halloween fun.

“We are the CPA Residence Hall Council, and we are really excited to be hosting our first annual After Halloween Party," Melissa Scalia, senior and RA Student Staff Advisor of the CPA RHC, said. "This event is so much fun and I love the CPA RHC events.”

The night had a perfectly chilly breeze and many students ventured out of their dorms to attend the festivities, unhindered by the biting cold weather that the school has been experiencing recently. The live music was joyful and people were laughing, dancing and cheering each other on. If students were not simply mingling, they were at the many stations that were around the courts.

“We have mummy wrapping, pumpkin bowling, face painting, tattoos and a costume contest," Scalia said. "The crowd is great – they’re not just people from the CPAs, but also from all over campus.”

Princess Claveria, sophomore, had a Batman hoodie on as her costume.

“This event was really cool and entertaining," she said. "I love supporting my Residence Hall in their programs, and I always have a good time watching everyone else have so much fun as well.”

Students could get their faces painted to look like cats, dogs or any other design they requested. At the pumpkin bowling station, students rolled a mini pumpkin to knock over rolls of paper towels. The mummy wrapping station seemed to be the most popular. At one point during the night, a student in a big dinosaur costume came along and everyone helped to wrap the costume in toilet paper.

“The dancing dinosaur was off the chain, and I was craving a Kit Kat," sophomore Matthew Van’t Slot said. "And there was one left and I got it and my craving was satisfied. And the fog machine really added to that ghouly Halloween-y vibe. It was spooktastic!”

The courts were decorated with ghosts, silver tinsel and cobwebs. Buckets of candy were placed everywhere for students to enjoy the last bit of Halloween sweetness. In addition to the confections, the CPA and RHC were giving away prizes that included gift cards to Moe’s, Chipotle, Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks. Another delicious highlight was the food that the CPA RHC provided. There were trays of chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and several pies of pizza.

Justina Celentano, freshman, said, “It was a great way to close the Halloween festivities and have fun with friends.” Then she added, with a laugh, “And the food was really good!”

Freshman Tara O’Dwyer was already looking forward to next year.

 “I had lots of fun eating great food, playing fun games and getting my face painted with friends," she said. "I can’t wait for next year’s Halloween.”