Election Live Stream Aired to a Varied Student Body

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr

Election Day is a time for the celebration of civic duty and the power of the vote. However, it has been no secret that the mood in the air is rather dry and lacking in enthusiasm as the chief candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have been berated by scandals, controversial statements and criticism of each other.

Friends Hall was adorned with festive decorations and delicious food for the election live stream on Nov. 8, but it was hard to deny that the pessimism which had enveloped this election was on the minds of many students as they watched and waited for the next president to be announced. 

When students were asked about their thoughts on this election — disappointment was the key word. 

Angad Bhogal, a junior, said the election was “a joke. I couldn’t be more ashamed and disappointed."

“Trump is a nutcase, and Hillary Clinton quite possibly cheated to get the nomination,” said first-year student Josh Sandler, referring to Wikileaks hack into the DNC that released 20,000 emails to the public. 

Even some international students less familiar with the U.S. electoral process expressed concern.

“A lot of my friends tell me there is no good choice,” said Pam Bletsova, junior. “So, it’s interesting since right now there is no clear winner amidst the media muck.”

However, not all students expressed disappointment and fear in regards to the current presidential race. 

Sophomore Alison Goddard expressed vehement support for Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton stating that she was “excited for this election. I believe in Hillary Clinton, I think she would be an effective president capable of doing amazing things in office.”

Students showed their support for a variety of candidates, cheering as Donald Trump won states such as Texas and when Gary Johnson received one percent or more of the popular vote of a county.

As students began rooting for their respective candidates, the entire mood of the room shifted. While the audience initially expressed a lack of enthusiasm, once the CNN live stream went into full swing the room was crowded with many conversations and debates regarding the election and the candidates. The once pessimistic atmosphere was replaced by a lively demeanor as the students took interest in the horserace-like treatment of the election as the results slowly came in. 

In spite of that, all things come to an end and this election ended with the Republicans controlling the House, Senate and Trump becoming President-elect of the United States. 

“I expected this may happen due to the media perpetuating that Clinton was going to win, causing increased Trump voter turn out,” said fifth-year student Mauro Pereira-Mendez. “I am uncertain about the next four years as with Clinton I could predict what she would do, with Trump I can’t.” 

Janay Davidson, freshman, had a shocked mentality saying, “it really reflects a white-lash, as the discussion group called it, where people are fervently rejecting the changes and conditions of the last eight years. Trump may say he wants to make America great again, but white again is a more accurate slogan … I just don’t know what’s going to happen these next few years.”