Autumn Festivities End with a Bang at Fall Finale

Photo by Hope Patti

The Fall Finale, an event that featured a host of activities for students to enjoy, was held in the Trustees Pavilion on Nov. 21. On-campus organizations such as the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and the Active Minds mental health awareness club were present with arts and crafts projects that students could take home or back to their residence halls.  

When asked what she enjoyed most about the event junior Leah Schwebel, the president of Active Minds at Ramapo, said that "making stress balls and getting people involved in Active Minds" was her favorite part of the night.

Although it was three days before Thanksgiving, Alpha Omicron Pi had a table at the event at which guests could make their own Christmas wreaths for the upcoming holiday season using paper plates, red, green and white wrapping paper, and glue including metallic hues of silver and gold. Junior Sonya John said that wreath-making was her favorite activity of the night; when asked what she enjoyed most about the event in general, the AO Pi sister replied, "I would like to say the music is good and so is the food."

Indeed, there was a great variety of food including rotisserie chicken, meatloaf and roast turkey along with side dishes from Boston Market, buttermilk and pumpkin spice pancakes from IHOP and pizza. Empanadas, savory turnovers filled with beef, chicken and cheese, were also a crowd-pleaser. The offerings did not disappoint. Sophomore Sumner LaForge said, “the food and all the people here and all the activities that you could do” made the event stand out.

The event boasted an array of activities for students to enjoy, including pumpkin painting, a game called “Fish Toss” in which guests threw balls into glasses to win an aquarium complete with pet fish, and the aptly named Dizzy Scarecrow in which students were required to spin around in a circle five times with a baseball bat on their forehead before placing a cut-out bird on a drawing of a scarecrow.

A DJ played a lively selection of music which led to spontaneous dancing throughout the night. Several prizes were raffled off during the evening’s festivities, including a Roku interactive TV stick and a variety of gift cards for use at Applebee’s, AMC Cinemas, Dunkin’ Donuts and ShopRite to name a few. When asked about what stood out to her the most about Fall Finale, senior Melissa Scalia commented, “I really enjoyed how we had a diverse community come out for this event. I thought we had a great variety of prizes.”  

Kevion Hemmings, a junior, said that he enjoyed spending time in the company of fellow students at the event, as well as “making people happy.”  

Junior Alex Caverra said that “the loud music and the raffles” were his favorite part of the event. Furthermore, when asked about what her favorite part of the event was, senior Marissa Manano responded, “I like the music most.”

Ramapo’s Fall Finale seemed a success, as many students walked away from what they considered to be a very enjoyable evening.