CA$H Corner

Icon courtesy of CA$H Committee

The Student Government Association’s College Advocates Supporting Higher Education (CA$H) Committee raises awareness about higher education issues that directly impact us all, especially those that affect our tuition. Every other week, we will discuss a different issue facing higher education.

A newly proposed college tuition grant bill has generated discussion from lawmakers and education professionals in New Jersey. This bill would involve students who are eligible for the New Jersey Tuition Aid Grant program and aims to help them pay for tuition. This bill is being proposed because more and more students find themselves unable to afford the cost of college. Right now, the number of students going on to higher education is limited because of the rise in the cost of tuition. The bill requires students accepted to a four-year college to attend a two-year community college first in order to be provided with funds through a grant.

On one hand this bill gives students who are facing financial difficulties the opportunity to go to college at an affordable price. However, the opposing side states that this bill will not be beneficial to students because the transition in the level of difficulty will end up prolonging the time it takes students to graduate. This concern suggests that splitting time between a two-year and a four-year college might not be as financially beneficial as the bill claims.

Here at Ramapo, we are fortunate enough to have staff that specializes in Transfer Advisement to aid students if they come across any of the previously mentioned issues. A transfer advisor spends two days each week here at Ramapo, two days at Bergen Community College and one day at the County College of Morris. Her presence here on campus is part of the effort Ramapo makes to ensure that transfer students experience a successful transition to Ramapo College.

This bill, and other current higher education legislation currently being discussed in Trenton, has the potential to impact students’ future experience in colleges and universities. Come to our CA$H meetings on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. in SC-225 to add your voice to the discussion as we aim to better the future of higher education.