Holiday Cheer Spreads at Gingerbread Craft Event

Photo by Catherine Clinton

Laughter, Christmas music and the smell of sweets filled the air in Friends Hall during the College Programming Board’s annual Gingerbread House Making event. Students were encouraged to take a Friday night off to construct houses made from graham crackers and candy in the spirit of the upcoming holidays.

The CPB held the event on Friday at 10 p.m. About 40 students came out to enjoy the holiday festivities. The event was fashioned in a do-it-yourself style where participants got as many graham crackers as they wanted as well as the ability to choose from a variety of candies like gumdrops, M&Ms, marshmallows, licorice and gummy bears. There were different colors and flavors of frosting to act as the glue for the houses. Also, shredded coconut was provided to mimic the appearance of snow.

Sophomore Christine Mausser said, “I liked how it was open-ended and we had lots of candy to make whatever kind of structure we wanted.”

She continued, “Some people were terrible at getting two pieces to stick together, while others were building skyscrapers.”

Mausser built a tall structure using broken up pieces of graham crackers and globs of white frosting to hold it all up. It was about one foot tall and had lots of colorful candies decorating the sides.

Junior Melanie Intal did not share Mausser’s approach. Intal said she and her friend, senior Leah DeAngelis, decided to do something “different and creative” by making a replica of a game console.

“Me and Leah didn't expect to have so much fun,” she said.

“We started with trying to make an ice rink but it ended up being a 3DS. We got so into it even though we weren't going to eat it. We ended up giving it to the hosts as a thank-you before leaving,” Intal continued.

Intal had only one complaint: “I wished we actually had gingerbread, though,” she said. But, she added, “It was so interesting to see other people’s creations.”

Every table looked like a real construction site: messy, disorganized and with random parts flung everywhere on the surface. Regardless, students were smiling and getting excited with new ideas springing into their heads about how they could make their gingerbread house better.

Sophomore Luke Kang said, “I felt as though it was really fun to go with a group of friends.” He continued, “While my friends and I goofed off and made hilarious structures, I also saw other groups who made very impressive houses.”

There were wintry decorations, colorful tablecloths and upbeat holiday music. All around, students were laughing and chatting and seemed to be having a time as sweet as the houses they were making.

“I thought the gingerbread house making event was a really fun way to bond with my friends and engage in a little friendly competition,” Vivian Woo, sophomore, said.

“It was a great way to spend the night while being able to get into the holiday spirit,” she continued.