Relay for Life Carnival Fundraises for Cancer Research

Photo by Giancarlo Sepulveda

In anticipation of Ramapo’s Relay for Life in March, the College Programming Board and Colleges Against Cancer joined together to host the Relay for Life Carnival this past Friday in the Trustees Pavilion.

Relay for Life is an event that helps raise awareness and advocacy, as well as fundraise for the American Cancer Society. It is an all-night occasion that features entertainment, activities and more. The event runs from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. on March 24 and participants are supposed to stay awake for the entirety of the night.

“Cancer never sleeps, so neither should you,” said Scott Sample, a freshman and member of Colleges Against Cancer, “that’s the point of Relay for Life.”

At the event this past Friday which lasted until about midnight, there was food and music, as well as carnival games like bowling and a can knock-down. Students were also given raffle tickets throughout the night that put them in the running for various prizes, and the carnival was a way for the clubs and students to start fundraising for the event. Attendees could sign up to participate in Relay for Life at any point during the carnival and also received a T-shirt in return for any donation they made.

“All the money fundraised goes to a great cause,” explained Marissa Coleman, a senior and the president of Colleges Against Cancer. Coleman is also one of the event chairs for Relay for Life and has been an influential member of the club.

“When you do something so satisfying, like how we helped raise $50,000 last year for the American Cancer Society, it feels really good. It just feels really good to help someone,” Coleman continued.

This year, Ramapo is hoping to grow Relay for Life and the carnival was a key component in building anticipation.

“It’s a great way to bring in more people and start things off,” said Christine Brizek, a junior and member of Colleges Against Cancer.

With decorations hanging all over and people eagerly lining up for activities, the carnival was a hopeful and joyous kickoff for Relay for Life.

“Cancer really affects everyone,” said freshman Andraya Annucci. She went on to discuss the personal importance of the event because her grandmother died of lung cancer.

“She was a 9/11 victim,” Annucci explained, “she got out of the building but the smoke messed up her lungs.”

Annucci is not alone, as millions of people are impacted by cancer. Relay for Life is meant to serve as a way to combat against it and minimize its effect.

“Give as much as you can. Even if we can’t beat cancer, we can help people survive it for as long as possible,” Annucci said.

Interested in joining this year's Relay for Life? Click here.