Students Personalize Stuffed Animals for Valentine’s

Photo courtesy of Björn Láczay, Flickr

Students lined up outside of the Alumni Lounges for the College Programming Board’s annual Valentine’s Day-themed event Stuff-A-Plush on Thursday despite the closure of the College due to snowfall. Inside, students sat down among friends and significant others to make stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day. People also had the opportunity to send out a candy-gram to a loved one and buy tickets to CPB’s Spring Show, which will take place on March 25.

“The animals are a lot better than last year,” said attendee Jamie Prizer, a senior.

While in years past the event had limited options in terms of animals, this year students were able to choose from a wide variety of plush toys. In addition to the classic teddy bear, those in attendance could select other cuddly creatures, including lions, dogs and pandas.

“It’s my favorite event,” Prizer continued, “this is my third time coming.”

Prizer’s opinion is not uncommon. Stuff-A-Plush is a widely popular event among Ramapo students. People lined up well before the event’s start time in order to secure a plush friend. Due to the crowd, students were ushered in by groups of ten or fifteen, so that the room would not become overcrowded.

“I didn’t expect so many people,” said Dan Sakumot, a sophomore. Sakumot is an on-campus programmer for CPB and was in charge of the event. As a transfer student, this was Sakumot’s turn hosting an event during the spring semester.

“I mean, the college was closed, so it was really surprising,” he continued.

The snow could not keep the students away, though. While it may have been freezing outside, warm faces filled the room.

“It was a real stress reliever,” said Alexis Tucker, a freshman.

Students loved their new furry friends. While numerous students assembled their stuffed animals for their boyfriends or girlfriends, others chose different recipients of their Valentine’s plush.

“I’m making it for my best friend,” said freshman Sarah Martinho, pointing to the student seated beside her.

Many decided to show love to their friends while others opted to keep their animals for themselves. No matter who the recipient was though, everyone seemed to enjoy building their plush pals.

“It was really fun and I enjoy free animals,” said Catherine Putman, a freshman.

She continued, “I’m glad I got here early because I was told to. You have to be in the know.”

Putman was correct, as many students were not lucky enough to receive a stuffed animal due to the overwhelming turnout the event had. While some people left upon hearing that there were no more plushies to stuff, many stayed anyway for the candy-grams, as well as the company of friends.

“If I could do it again, I would shoot for more animals,” said Sakumot, reflecting on the night. He continued, “I just wish we had more to give.”

Despite the shortage of animals, students found the event to be a fun way to end their snow day, and now know to line up early next year.