Virtual Reality is Bound for Success as Popularity Grows

Photo courtesy of Maurizio Pesce, Wikipedia

Wanderlust, the strong desire to travel, is something that resonates with most people. We all want to be anywhere but here. Whether that is on an exotic island, through an adventurous mountain trail or even in a bustling city, virtual reality can take someone anywhere his or her wandering soul desires. Virtual reality or virtual environment, as some call it, has been a hot topic in the world of new technology.

Now more than ever people can experience many different worlds in a three-dimensional format in the comfort of their own homes. Many of these worlds can be viewed through a simple headset. It can be a solo or group activity and gaming may also be involved in the activity; even students at Ramapo College gather together to experience the excitement of virtual reality.

Companies have used virtual reality to offer a new perspective to their clientele. This allows for an interactive experience that comes to life. This past New York Fashion Week, many designers took their designs to virtual reality to bring more people to the runway. This allowed more people at home to have access to the exclusive shows that many are usually unable to attend.

This is a strong advertising technique because it promotes the company while giving the brands more exposure that they would not get otherwise.

Although there are many positives from virtual reality, there are also concerns. A virtual world where anyone can exist in the reality they want to live in can be a dangerous thing. It can take people away from existing in the real world. After all, who wouldn't rather live in a world where they get to choose what they want to see, hear and experience as a whole? This is a tempting offer for many that struggle with the day-to-day problems in the real word. It is no wonder people are so easily captivated by virtual reality.

It is important for technology to constantly be advancing, but it is also important to live in the present. So many of our social experiences in life revolve around technology. The smartphone is at the center of almost every interaction or personal experience. It will be interesting to see if virtual reality will one day take its place in regards to communication and other aspects that our phones currently do.

As the popularity of the concept grows, more products are likely to come out of virtual reality. The world predicted by almost every “futuristic” movie is coming true more and more, from hoverboards and the Cubs winning the World Series to virtual reality. It is only a matter of time before the events of movies like “Back to the Future” really do become our own kind of reality.  Things I could have never imagined experiencing in my life as a child are happening more often. We should be excited for the advancements that the future holds for us in all aspects of our lives.