HR Professionals Coach Students at Interview-pa-looza

Photo by Sarah Sanchez

The Cahill Career Development Center held an Interview-pa-looza event on Feb. 21 in the Trustees Pavilion.  This event was referred to as the “speed dating of interview preparation” providing an opportunity for students to practice interview skills and experience what it would be like interviewing with human resource professionals and hiring managers.

During this event Ramapo students came together to meet with 15 distinguished professionals from different companies including: SUEZ North America, SunTrust, Wiss and Indeed. The various professionals in attendance provided a “breadth of knowledge and experience all in one room” said Cynthia Michalewski, assistant director/career advisor of the Anisfield School of Business for the Cahill Career Development Center.

Throughout the event students were able to meet with one of the representatives in 10-minute intervals. These one-on-one sessions covered different aspects of an interview from resume questions, to hypothetical work situations and even the elevator pitch. By the end of the event students had gained individual time with each professional to cover questions, tips and suggestions for the job search process.

Cynthia emphasized the importance of these workshops for students during their college career at Ramapo because it helps give them a taste of what the real world is like. Not only did students get immediate feedback from experts in the field, but it also satisfied the ASB Career Pathway Module 3 requirement.

“Students walked away from connecting with the professionals through LinkedIn and email,” Cynthia said.

Students also expressed the advantages offered by the event.

“Be more confident in yourself and practice mastering your elevator pitch… Make sure to take any opportunity to practice interview skills whenever you can. Don’t stop here! Any time there is an opportunity to practice [interviewing] it will help when you go to a real job interview,” Brianna Lanier, a sophomore business administration student, said addressing how the experience at Interview-pa-looza reminded her of the importance of having confidence during an interview.

In addition to Interview-pa-looza, the Cahill Career Center offers several ways for students to prepare for job and graduate/professional school interviews. Students can participate in mock interview sessions with their Cahill Career Advisor or practice interviewing through the Cahill Center’s Interview Stream system. Interview Stream is an online platform available through the Archway that allows you to practice interviewing by yourself using a webcam from the comfort of your home or residence hall. The Cahill Center can then provide feedback to students on interviews they record through Interview Stream.

Another Interview-pa-looza is scheduled on April 1 and is open to all majors. However, according to the Cahill Center, space is limited. Students who are interested can contact Cynthia Michalewski,, for more information.