New Horror Film Gets Viewers Out of Comfort Zone

Photo courtesy of Peabody Awards, Wikipedia

As racial issues in the United States become more and more heated and dominate Americans’ conversations, director Jordan Peele has crafted a perfect blend of horror and comedy that brings viewers into a new kind of discussion on race with his directorial debut, “Get Out.”

“Get Out” tells the story of African-American photographer Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) as he travels to upstate New York to visit the white parents of his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams). Due to their status as an interracial couple, Chris constantly worries about Rose’s parents’ disapproval and fears their introduction to one another will feature more racial tension than he is comfortable with. Upon his arrival, Chris does encounter racism but soon discovers something much stranger and darker than he could have ever expected.

 “Get Out” stands out amongst other films dealing with race because it makes the topic feel completely understandable to those who have never experienced racism. This is accomplished through Chris’s relatability: viewers may easily empathize with his reactions and responses to every racist encounter thrown his way. Kaluuya’s powerful performance forces filmgoers of all backgrounds to identify with Chris and care about him through his entire journey.

The cast as a whole feels complete, as every actor pulls their own weight in creating a creepy, funny and unsettling environment. Peele, who is one-half of the comedic duo “Key and Peele,” has combined his background in comedy with his love of horror movies to create a perfect blend of the two genres. Audiences will find themselves mesmerized by the psychological aspects of “Get Out,” as well. As audiences discover the true nature of the “Sunken Place” and chuckle nervously at the uncomfortable racial tension portrayed onscreen, “Get Out” is a film that makes viewers think.

A thin line of tension keeps audiences on the edge of their seats during the entirety of the film’s runtime, making moviegoers feel as if they just cannot escape the movie’s horror. Despite the constantly high tension, audiences will still be delighted by the plot of “Get Out,” as it is simple, easy to follow and entirely enjoyable. “Get Out” never feels too predictable and viewers will be surprised at every twist and turn that comes onto the big screen. Audiences will feel a great range of emotions – all of which feel completely earned – and all who see the movie will undoubtedly recommend it to everyone they know.

“Get Out” is a must-see movie. It not only discusses race in a unique and relatable way: it delivers an uncomfortable yet enjoyable feeling that they will want to go back and experience again and again. “Get Out” is something that other filmmakers should learn from, and  movie critics will praise for years to come.