Product Red Successfully Raises Awareness with Apple

Icon courtesy of Wikipedia

Apple’s iPhone is the newest product that has partnered with Product Red, a brand created by Bono and Bobby Shriver to raise awareness and funds for the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Red has partnered with brands such as Alex and Ani, Beats by Dre, along with various others. The work Product Red has done has been nothing short of incredible. They have successfully put their brand on several popular products in the United States, which attracts more attention to their cause.

With a tech giant like Apple using their most popular product to promote this cause, it could convince other large companies to do the same.

Some could worry that the main point of Product Red would get lost in the commotion of people just wanting the latest gear, but that’s unlikely. There will be some who just want the red version of their Beats Headphones or their iPhone, but there are also plenty of people who support the fight against AIDS, and can contribute monetarily while buying a product they enjoy.

Product Red will take their money however they can get it, regardless of the reason people buy their products.

According to their website, “Life-saving anti-retroviral treatments cost as little as 30 cents a day, yet most living with HIV won’t see medicine in their lifetime.”

This method is much more effective than sad commercials or just reading about it on Twitter. Making collaborations with incredibly popular brands actually engages people. More importantly, these purchases act as donations with up to 50 percent of product sales going to Product Red. These donations are much larger than people texting a number to donate or donating on a website.

Using those standard methods of donation, people will donate a minimal amount, as people are less willing to give up money outright. With products ranging from t-shirts to motorbikes to iPhones, people will get something in return while supporting a cause that they may or may not truly care about.

The Product Red iPhone 7s is going for $750. Assuming only 20 percent, or $150, goes to Product Red, and it could be higher, as Apple has not yet disclosed what percentage of the proceeds are donated. That’s not accounting for the $870 iPhone 7 Plus that is also part of the collaboration.

With Product Red pairing up with the biggest brands, they are on track to create awareness while gaining funds for their cause.

This will definitely change the way non-profit organizations go about raising money. There will be more deals made with companies to produce exclusive or limited edition products that people will want to buy with Product Red having paved the way.