Wellness Wednesday returns to destress students

Photo courtesy of Hamza Butt, Flickr

The Krame Center hosted its annual  Wellness Wednesday event  in collaboration with the Ramapo Wellness Coalition. On September 28, yoga mats, a labyrinth walk and calm music filled the Alumni Lounge. Wellness Wednesday began with an hour-long yoga class taught by junior, Amie Wuchter. The class was suited for all skill levels and yoga mats were provided by the Krame Center. The yoga session left participants feeling relieved of the tensions from everyday life.

 Shakina Campbell, a junior, appreciated being able to partake in the event. “The class was very relaxing; it helped me get a bit of stress relief and made me feel a little calmer,” said Campbell. “I’ve been to a meditation class before and it’s really good at helping you distress from school.” 

 Following the yoga class, Wellness Wednesday also featured an open labyrinth walk as well as a guided meditation session. These events were not limited to Ramapo students only, but open to faculty and local members of the community as well. While the event required registration, everything was free of charge.  

Renee DiGrigoli, a non-student from Middlesex, New Jersey, heard about the event through the website of the New Jersey Center for Mindful Awareness. “I really enjoyed the yoga class and I found it very relaxing,” said DiGrigoli. “I also thought the class wasn’t too challenging. Because of that, people of any skill level would be able to participate, and I enjoyed that.”

DiGrigoli has participated in a labyrinth walk before. She said, “Labyrinth walks are very relaxing and actually allow you focus, be aware, and stay in the present moment.”

 After the meditation, Professor Carol Bowman gave a speech on mindful-living  and the zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh, who established the Blue Cliff Monastery. The monastery is located in the southern Catskill region of Pine Bush, New York. When the speech ended the Wellness Coalition showed clips from Thich Nhat Hanh’s expected film on the monastic community, called “Walk With Me.” 

 Peter Shalit, an employee at the Krame Center said, “I find that mindfulness with meditation, mindful walking and mindful movement are particularly important in cultivating present moment awareness and kindness, which are the two pillars of well-being.”  

 The Krame Center for contemplative studies and mindful-living hosts various programs throughout the year. Along with Wellness Wednesday, they host a similar event in the spring semester called, Spring into Wellness. The Krame Center also offers weekly meditations, lectures and a mindfulness meditation silent retreat.