Demi Lovato returns from hiatus with catchy album

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Demi Lovato has just released her latest album, “Tell Me You Love Me," which consists of fifteen songs. After being idle for almost 2 years since her 2015 album “Confident,” she has made a huge comeback. Lovato tells, MTV News, she took the almost 2-year break to learn more about herself.

The first song on the album she finished was “Tell Me You Love Me,” she mentions finding inspiration through her past year’s experiences, but also looked for musical inspiration through Aretha Franklin and Kehlani. Although what both Aretha Franklin and Kehlani sing are completely different genres, it is evident through her music she was inspired by both of their talents. 

As a huge fan of both Lovato and Kehlani, I was excited to hear Lovato found inspiration in Kehlani’s music. For example, “Lonely,” which features Lil Wayne, is a good representation of R&B, not only with the beat of the song but also the lyrics. Mixing a pop singer like Lovato and a rapper like Lil Wayne, equates to a hit R&B single. In many of Kehlani’s songs she speaks about how men have disappointed her and the backstory to it, which is what Lovato does in “Lonely.” When she sings, “You know love is blind/I can see it in your eyes/You know me and honestly I’m better without ya,” that hits home for many of us. 

“Tell Me You Love Me,” the 2nd-hit single which got her on Billboard Hot 100, is a heartfelt song, telling a story about a troublesome couple learning how to love one another. When listening to this song, I think of a woman who has had a tough love life and many disappointments, which have led her to be misguided. She has finally found love, but cannot figure out how to express herself. 

“Sorry Not Sorry,” released in July, which made it to the top 10 on The Billboard Hot 100 as well, being the first single on the album to be released was a huge hit. The lines, “Now I’m out here looking like revenge/Feeling like a 10, the best I ever been,” were both inspiring and relatable. The timing of the song’s release was perfect, as summer is a season when young couples are going through breakups. A revenge breakup song was exactly what pop-culture needed. Sophomore Yesenia Escobar said, “I have been one of Demi’s truest fans, she never disappoints me. Once I heard 'Sorry Not Sorry' I was so excited to hear she finally came out with some new stuff, and the lyrics were definitely relatable.” 

After listening to the entire album for a couple of times in chronological order, I was able to understand it better. She has a mix of the basic “good girl gone bad” type of songs, such as “Sexy Dirty Love,” but also songs like “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore,“ where she has a storyline behind the song and she explains how she is better off alone, no longer in need of a companion. 

During her interview, Lovato mentions the time she was recording the album and she thought of those who bullied her throughout her youth and her haters. When comparing Lovato’s older albums to her latest one, it is evident that being away from the music industry has encouraged her to break out of her comfort zone more and sing something that is more significant to her and not only to please others. Nowadays, we see more of Lovato’s image pursuing women's rights and being a great example to young women. We see more of a rebellious type of Lovato in her new music. She presents herself as one who will not explain herself but just branch out and be herself.

Junior Marco Rojas said, “I am not a huge fan of pop music but I do know she is one of those artists who remain in the spotlight but as a positive image for her audience, she knows how to carry herself very well, even in her music she shows it.”

Whether you are a fan or not of Lovato, “Tell Me You Love Me,” is an album that will be jammed out to in a convertible with the top down.