Fashion Month Recap: Fenty Beauty and 80s fashion

Photo courtesy of Celebrity ABC, Flickr

The fall fashion season is among the most highly anticipated moments in fashion every year. While college students are preparing to move into their dorms, fashion editors are setting up their out-of-office email so that they can prepare to report on the upcoming season’s biggest trends.

These editors come from prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Allure and Harper’s Bazaar who have been leaders in trend forecasting for decades. Both ready-to-wear and couture designers dominate the runways at all fashion weeks in New York, Paris, London and Seoul. These leaders in the beauty industry also project the trends of the season.

Consumers will start to see these trends hit the windows of their favorite stores almost immediately, including Forever 21, H&M and Zara. It is also common to see favorite drugstore makeup brands take from the new collections or trends debuted by prestige makeup brands during these shows.

One big winner this season was Rihanna, who debuted both her very first clothing and beauty line all within the span of a few days. Fenty Beauty launched with a range of 40 foundation shades and almost sold out in under a week.

“I think the brand is very innovating in capturing multiple skin tone considerations for foundations making it inclusive to all,” said junior Alejandra Sánchez. Before Fenty Beauty was released, Sánchez said that she had trouble finding a shade that matched her skin tone and now the brand’s foundation makes her feel complete.

One of the biggest comebacks in fashion this season was denim. While designer Tom Ford was the first to debut his collection, which featured the perfect denim sets, it was Brandon Maxwell who stole the show with his ‘80s inspired jeans. In an exclusive interview, his mom detailed that he asked her for pictures of when she was a teen and the designer took inspiration from her style for the Spring 2018 collection.  

When asked what she thought about all the denim and vintage vibes that took over the red carpets Anatasia Caulfield, a senior who happens to live and breathe vintage style for herself said, “I am such a fan of the look, especially because there is such a story behind where the outfit is coming from.” 

Caulfield added, “I wear jeans [denim] almost every day. I really like the big jackets and the shirts that can be worn in multiple ways. It’s an easy way to be comfortable, warm and stylish.”

It seems as though Brandon Maxwell knew to hit the perfect audience: millennials. Millennials are setting the standard when it comes to vintage inspired clothing, pulling from their mothers’ and even fathers’ closets to set the fashion mood.

With another fashion month over, people are left to think about whether they see themselves rocking trends from New York, Paris, Milan or Seoul Fashion Week. Maybe these latest trends will inspire some to totally revamp their wardrobe for next season or give vintage looks a new twist. Whatever the choice, fashion season is meant to allow for the utmost creativity.