Greeks comes together to celebrate Pillars Week

Photo courtesy of Ramapo Greeks, Instagram

This week, members of the Ramapo Greek Community are celebrating Greek Pillars Week. Throughout the week, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, or OFSL, is holding events based on different Greek Pillars, including brotherhood/sisterhood, leadership, scholarship and service.

Amanda Riehl, who is serving in her first semester as coordinator of fraternity and sorority life, was very excited to plan this week of events for Ramapo’s Greek community.

“The purpose behind Greek Pillars Appreciation Week is to showcase the values that our Greek members, through their organizations, strive to emulate,” said Riehl.

On Monday, the first day of Greek Pillars Week, students were encouraged to wear their pins or badges and wear badge attire. This activity focused on the pillar of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Tuesday’s event focused on the pillar of leadership. OFSL brought in a speaker to present and spread leadership to the Greek community. The speaker was from the company Trill or Not Trill, and the workshop was titled, “Pop Culture Programming: Bringing the Cool into the Now.” Riehl hoped that Ramapo’s Greeks would learn from this event and incorporate the information gained into their own events.

“Ultimately, this program was meant to have our Greek students rethink their own programming efforts, and it gave them the opportunity to create programs together in the space with the company where they could collaborate,” she said.

Brian Plucinsky, junior, attended the workshop as a member of Alpha Phi Omega. Plucinsky enjoyed the workshop and felt that it provided very important information that was relevant to the Greek community.

“Having a presentation like this opens up Greek Life’s minds to think outside of the box and come up with brand new ideas that would attract more attention,” Plucinsky said.

Scholarship was the focus on Wednesday. Order of Omega, the Greek Life Honor Society, held a tabling event to recognize this pillar. At the event, students passed out study tips and other materials. On Thursday, OFSL is sponsoring a trip to Brighton Asylum.

Finally, Friday’s events will focus on the pillar of service. OFSL will be participating in two service events throughout the day. First, there will be a campus cleanup from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Later, they will be participating in Commuter Affairs’ Trunk or Treat at the Tennis Court Lots from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Pillars week has already been successful and Riehl hopes that Ramapo Greeks are enjoying it while also seeing the significance of it.

She reflected, “It is important for our Greeks to participate in the events throughout the week because it is an opportunity to reconnect with the values each of their organizations were built upon and provide the Ramapo community with programming from all different aspects of our community.”


This article was written by a student employee of the Center for Student Involvement.