Pumpkin Palooza gives students a break from studies

Photo courtesy of William Warby, Flickr

On Friday night, the College Programming Board (CPB) hosted Pumpkin Palooza in Friends Hall.

There was almost a full house, as each table was filled with students painting their own pumpkins while munching on fall and pumpkin themed snacks. Students were each provided with a plate of paint colors, brushes and a pumpkin of their choice to work with for the event.

Students were left to design their pumpkins in any way they pleased. A variety of colors, designs and creations filled Friends Hall as the night progressed. Everyone was encouraged to bring their pumpkins back to their dorms to decorate and spread the Halloween spirit with their roommates who may not have attended. 

While the students painted, CPB offered a selection of refreshments including apple cider, apple cider donuts and pumpkin spice donuts. Additionally, students were able to create a DIY apple crumb cake which was set up on the table alongside the refreshments.

“I liked the apple cider the best. They also had a delicious selection of donuts and other fall snacks,” said sophomore Christine Vernazza.

Sarah Martinho, a sophomore, agreed, “The snacks were really good. My favorite had to be the apple cider donuts.”

Students generally enjoyed the event, providing them with the opportunity to bond with friends while getting into the Halloween spirit.

Vernazza said, “I loved the event! It was a fun way to hang out with my friends and painting pumpkins was a nice way to relax. My friend suggested that we go together and it seemed like a fun event so I agreed to go.”

With Halloween approaching quickly, students were able to take a break from studying for midterms and relieve some stress. As half of the semester has come and gone, students have appreciated the engaging events CPB continuously provides students.

“My favorite part was painting the pumpkins. There were so many pretty colors to choose from and it was a great way to relax with friends,” said Vernazza.

Martinho said, “I wanted to attend in order to have fun after a long day at work. I go to CPB events occasionally, as long as I am not busy at the time. I honestly enjoy going to a lot of the events they put on.”