Ramapo men share experience with No Shave November

Photo courtesy of Nov Ty Konzak, Flickr

During the month of November, the Women’s Center sponsored “No Shave November” in order to raise awareness for men’s health and prostate cancer. On Thursday in the Alumni Lounges, men’s outreach coordinator Adam Choinski, presented the closing for No Shave November. Five Ramapo men showed their support by growing their beard all month long.

Choinski opened the floor by presenting a PowerPoint with a video clip from YouTube titled “Prostate Cancer: Essential Facts.” The clip briefly explained causes and the formation of prostate cancer. Following the clip, Choinsky continued by discussing the statistics, treatments and medical attention needed for prostate cancer.

Statistics show prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer, falling close to the commonality of skin cancer. One out of seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and one in 39 dies from the disease. Treatments include surveillance, surgery and different therapies such as radiation, hormone, cryotherapy and chemo. Such treatments are determined by the patient’s age and stage of cancer. Urologists, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists each provide medical attention for patients.

Junior Seth Kofinas and Professional Staff Coordinator of Commuter Affairs Mike MacStudy were two participants of “No Shave November” and part of the audience during the closing ceremony. When asked why they participated in “No Shave November,” Kofinas answered, “I like to do it for the cause.”

“I’ve been growing [my beard] for the last four Novembers,” said MacStudy. “When I first started, it was both for a cause and to see how it would look. So I keep letting it rock and if I can make a difference somehow then great!”

Kofinas and MacStudy suggested using essentials such as beard oils and brushes in order to relieve itching during the beard growing process.

“After it gets to a point where you can’t see your face anymore, it no longer itches,” MacStudy stated.

As the “No Shave November” closing came to an end, Choinsky said, “Men’s beauty grooming tips have been growing, it’s becoming a billion dollar industry within the next couple of years. How much do you think you spend on beard oils?”

MacStudy answered, “I still haven’t used a full bottle that I bought three or four years ago. You are given four ounces and apply it two to three times a week. It was really hard to cancel from the company, so I’ve spent about $100 and never have to buy beard product again.”

Kofinas plans to donate towards prostate cancer organizations and MacStudy has donated in the past. The Women’s Center collected donations during the closing ceremony and declared participant Christian Martinez as the winner of “No Shave November.”