CPB’s DIY Valentine’s event attracts a large crowd

Photo courtesy of Diego Delso, Wikipedia

More than 100 students stood on line outside Friends Hall for the College Programming Board’s annual Valentine’s Day themed Stuff-A-Plush event on Thursday evening. Ten at a time, students were ushered into the DIY craft event to choose from a selection of plush animals.

“It’s really interesting. I saw the pictures they posted on Instagram. I saw the plushies and was like ‘oh they’re cute,’” said freshman Alysa Rai. In their social media posts, CPB specified, “Supplies are limited so be punctual!”

Many students took their advice, securing a spot in line up to an hour in advance.

“This is the first time I’ve gotten to do it. It’s really funny, because when you’re a freshman you come too late because you don’t realize how big it’s gonna be,” said junior David Pisano. “Last year, we came too late and we just missed it, so this year we came an hour early.”

Each student received a bag of synthetic cotton, as well as an adoption certificate for their plush. Nearly every table in the room was packed with friends, laughing while partaking in such an amusing craft.

Speaking on behalf of the event’s hyped popularity, CPB member Carlie Viemann explained, “I just think people love cute, free things, and it’s just a sweet thing to be able to come and do. It’s like Build-A-Bear. When you’re a kid, you can never go to Build-A-Bear enough, so being able to do this in college, it’s kinda like a stress animal, it’s relaxing.”

New Jersey based company Phantom Entertainment supplied the plush animals. “A lot of party companies do offer the stuff and plush, but I usually go for who’s gonna give me the better deal and who has the cutest and well-made animals,” said Carlie Viemann.

Freshman Amanda Cooney recalled past Stuff-A-Plush functions. “I also went to the last Stuff-A-Plush event, but this one’s better because they’re smaller, so the stuffing is better for it,” said Cooney, admiring her new hound dog plush.

As students filtered out of the room, many stayed behind socializing and joking around, clutching their plush creatures, while others put the final touches on their new plush buds.

“It was loads of fun. Next year if you wanna be here, I suggest you come two hours early,” said sophomore Julia Castro. “But seriously, it’s something nice to do with your friends. You really get into character,” she said, propping her stuffed monkey on the table.

Due to the event’s immense turn out and popularity, CPB is planning another Stuff-A- Plush event for this upcoming April.