Lucky Charms and coloring entice students to destress

Photo courtesy of Public Domain Pictures

Two boxes of the marshmallow filled Lucky Charms and a colorful array of crayons and color pencils greeted guests that braved the biting cold and were fortunate enough to make it to the Lodge on Sunday night.

Sunday was the CPA’s Residence Hall Council (RHC) Let’s Paddy event. Residents were invited to come bring their own bowl and take part in Lucky Charms cereal and some coloring as a destresser. With midterms on the horizon for many students it was nice to have a time to just sit back relax and enjoy some cereal with friends.

“We wanted to do a little distressing event for people since its midterms time so Jackie [Hermes] came up with coloring,” said Katie O’Toole, sophomore RHC member. “And since it was near St. Patrick’s Day more or less we went with lucky charms.”

The RHC helps to plan events throughout the specific residence areas on campus. It also acts as a great prerequisite to becoming an Resident Assistant (RA) because of the experience you get programming and reaching out to residents. This leads to many RHC members becoming RAs on campus.

Although the event was small and only a few people came out it was better than expected for senior RA Gabby Buckley. She said, “I’ll be honest I’m pretty happy with the amount of people that came because weekends are hit or miss so you’ll either get no one or you’ll get a couple people who come out. So I was pretty happy that people actually showed up."

The cereal and coloring seemed to achieve its desired purpose. The few residents that did attend left the event with smiling faces, beautiful pictures and bellies full of delicious cereal. These faces of contentment illustrated that the pressures of midterms were at least momentarily forgotten.

All residents that want to get more involved and plan events for their resident halls are invited to join their respective Residence Hall Councils. It’s a fairly simple process to become a member as well. Elections for RHC were held back in September, Buckley explained.

They held an interest meeting and whoever came and was interested could join the RHC. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the CPAs’ RHC they meet once a week on Thursdays at 9 p.m.