Greff’s scholarship initiative grows in it’s second year

Photo courtesy of Ramapo College, Flickr

Every year the costs of attending a college or university get higher and higher, oftentimes making it very difficult for students to get the higher education that they want and deserve.

Last year, Ramapo College Student Government Senator-at-Large, Ryan Greff, became aware of the monetary hardships of many Ramapo College students and decided to find ways to help. He would go on to up with the Director of Financial Aid Shawn O’Neil to find outside scholarships for Ramapo College students.

Their attempt and hard work paid off, for they were able to secure 18 non-affiliated scholarships for Ramapo students.

In an interview last year with Greff, he stated, “I hope that it’ll continue to grow,” and grow it certainly has.

This semester, Greff has secured an additional 15 scholarships for students, ranging from a science scholarship worth $1,500 to a business scholarship worth $2,500. Greff broadened the scholarship list this year to allow students from every major to have a scholarship to apply for.

“I am happy that the [scholarships] will be able to make a difference in the lives of the students,” said Greff.

Many private companies and organizations are to thank for these scholarship opportunities and it is hoped that more and more scholarships will be added in following years for students.

All scholarships are located on the Ramapo College Financial Aid webpage under “Private Scholarships Not Affiliated with Ramapo College.”