Here’s a list of who’s running in the NJ midterms

Photo courtesy of Oknazevad, Wikipedia

The 2018 midterm elections are quickly approaching, now less than a month away. Races for New Jersey state Senate and the House of Representatives will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 6, and now is the time to learn about the candidates running and prepare to make your voice heard.

In the New Jersey Senate race, Democratic incumbent Sen. Bob Menendez will be running against Republican candidate Bob Hugin. FiveThirtyEight reports that it will be a closer race than previously predicted, but Menendez still has the edge.

The New Jersey Senate candidates are:

  • Incumbent Rep. Bob Menendez, D
  • Bob Hugin, R
  • Murray Sabrin, L
  • Madelyn Hoffman, Green Party
  • Hank Schroeder, Economic Growth
  • Natalie Lynn Rivera , For the People
  • Kevin Kimple, Make it Simple
  • Tricia Flanagan, New Day NJ

This election will determine if the Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives, which has been a majority Republican since the midterm elections in 2010 during former President Obama’s first term. According to FiveThirtyEight, there was a 77 percent chance that there would be a switch in the House as of Wednesday.

New Jersey could play a pivotal role in the race for House of Representatives, according to Democrats will gain a majority in the House if they win 23 more seats, and four competitive districts are GOP-controlled in New Jersey.

The candidates for the 12 Congressional districts of New Jersey are:

District 1

Incumbent Rep. Donald Norcross, D

Paul Dilks, R

Robert Shapiro, L

Paul Hamlin, I

Mohammad Kabir, I

District 2

Jeff Van Drew, D

Seth Grossman, R

John Ordille, L

Anthony Parisi Sanchez, I

William Benfer, I

Steven Fenichel, I

District 3

Incumbent Tom MacArthur, R

Andrew Kim, D

Lawrence Berlinski Jr., L

District 4

Incumbent Chris Smith, R

Josh Welle, D

Michael Rufo, L

Brian Reynolds, I

Edward Stackhouse Jr., I

Felicia Stoler, I

Allen Yusufov, I

District 5

Incumbent Josh Gottheimer, D

John McCann, R

James Tosone, L

Wendy Goetz, I

District 6

Incumbent Frank Pallone, D

Rich Pezzullo, R

District 7

Incumbent Leonard Lance, R

Tom Malinowski, D

Diane Moxley, G

Gregg Mele, I

District 8

Incumbent Albio Sires, D

John Muniz, R

Dan Delaney, L

Mahmoud Mahmoud, I

District 9

Incumbent Bill Pascrell, D

Eric Fisher, R

Claudio Belusic, L

District 10

Incumbent Donald Payne Jr., D

Agha Khan, R

Scott DiRoma, L

Cynthia Johnson, I

Joan Miller, I

District 11

Mike Sherrill, D

Jay Webber, R

Ryan Martinez, L

Robert Crook, I

District 12

Incumbent Bonnie Watson Coleman, D

Daryl Kipnis, R