New Halloween trends bring in creative costume ideas

Photo courtesy of Istolethetv, Flickr

In addition to Comic-Con, Halloween is the one day a year where people can dress up as something completely exotic, basic, scary, sexy or comedic.

Over the years, there have been some extreme changes with this particular holiday, especially considering the clowns who stormed through the woods in 2016. In 2012, Halloween festivites were canceled entirely due to Hurricane Sandy.

On a lighter note, Halloween is intended to be a creative and fun holiday for enjoying the spookiest time of the year. Some of the most researched costume ideas are taken from movies, fairytales and current events.

Years later, people are still searching for costumes like witches, superheroes, ‘70s and ‘80s looks and video game characters.

This year’s Royal Wedding garnered millions of viewers. With Harry and Meghan’s love story on Lifetime, it is now a top costume for couples.

As for the gory, thrilling side, Michael Myers is going to be another hit with the new “Halloween” movie arriving on Oct. 19. People can expect to see Myers’ signature jumpsuit and mask at Halloween parties this year.

Iconic characters from movies like “Mean Girls” and “Breakfast Club” are still mainstay Halloween costumes for friend groups.

Following major film releases this year like “Black Panther,” “Deadpool 2” and most recently “Venom,” we will probably see people of all ages dressed as their favorite Marvel characters.

Insider predicts that other major sequel releases like “Mama Mia! Here We Go Again” and “Incredibles 2” will bring out these classic characters once again.

In addition to the Incredibles family, Pinterest also found that many people searched for family costumes in the carnival genre – most likely inspired by the musical “The Greatest Showman.”

To avoid overspending, many create DIY costumes. In recent years, DIY costumes have been popular because they are cost effective and accessible. Inexpensive costume supplies like glitter, felt and plain clothing can be purchased at any local arts and craft store.

DIY costumes also encourage people to get crafty and creative. Each costume is created using unique imaginations.

Halloween is a time to dress up many times, become another person and maybe even win the title "best dressed." This year is no exception, as people are already preparing to attend parties and costume contests as Halloween quickly approaches.