Red Sox win ninth World Series

Photo courtesy of Keith Allision, Wikipedia


It’s hard to fathom that the team that finished the regular season with 108 wins, the most in the majors this season, wasn’t considered a favorite to win the World Series. But that’s what the Boston Red Sox faced heading into this postseason.

Underdogs against the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros, the disrespect the Red Sox faced throughout this postseason is amazing. And how did the Red Sox respond? They just won against all three of their postseason opponents, including the World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers in five games.

In fact, the Red Sox finished the 2018 campaign (regular and postseason) with a 120-57 record, only losing three games throughout the playoffs.

Everyone was quick to write the Red Sox off in the ALDS, after losing Game 2 to the New York Yankees. Boston responded by winning both games 3 and 4 in the Bronx, clinching their ticket to the ALCS at Yankee Stadium, and blasting Frank Sinatra’s “New York New York” in the visitors’ clubhouse.

Going into the ALCS, the Red Sox were once again looked upon as underdogs as they squared off against the defending champion Houston Astros. As the Astros quickly took game one, most fans and analysts were quick to declare the series was over, ready to give the Astros their second consecutive American League championship.

Instead, the Red Sox once again responded in loud fashion by winning the next four games, including three at the Astros home turf and celebrating an American League Pennant in Minute Maid Park.

A different picture was painted for the Red Sox heading into the World Series. The Sox were actually the consensus favorites to defeat the Dodgers in the World Series, and Boston backed up the odds.

The Red Sox steamed rolled over the Dodgers, taking the first two games at Fenway Park, and games four and five in Los Angeles, only losing game three which took the Dodgers a walk-off homer in the 18th to prevail.

Fans can make all the excuses they want, saying it took the Astros never being fully healthy with two of their best players, shortstop Carlos Correa and second baseman; Jose Altuve playing through injuries for the Red Sox to dethrone them.

But nothing will change the outcome, the Boston Red Sox are World Series champions, winning their fourth title in 15 seasons, three more than the famous Yankees have in the same span.

Instead of throwing out all these excuses, can we simply appreciate greatness? The Red Sox started off the season as the best team in baseball, and ended their season still on the mountaintop.

Opening day can’t come soon enough.