Trump shows insensitivity towards migrant caravan

Photo courtesy of AH8329, Wikipedia

In an extreme attempt of keeping his promise to control migration and the issue of illegal immigration into the U.S, President Donald Trump ordered the closure of the U.S.-Mexico border to install new barriers.

On Monday, the San Ysidro border in Tijuana, Mexico, one of the busiest crossings, was closed for approximately three hours after the Department of Homeland Security was informed of an influx in attempts to cross the border.

The new improvements to the border, which now has concertina wire added to it, required the assistance of about 5,800 troops, according to the president.

The cause of it was to keep migrant caravans traveling from Central America from entering the country for fear that they could be bringing crime and danger with them.

Migrant caravans have been around for over one decade, but since 2014, have been now organized to reach the U.S.-Mexico border directly. These caravans have been designed to help those to migrate in a safer way.

The migrant caravan from Central America has been traveling since Oct. 13, with its travelers coming from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to flee from persecution, violence and poverty.

While United States officials were well aware that the migrants were arriving, the government did not react until the last minute, causing conflict all around.

The nearly 3,000 migrants that were prevented from crossing into American territory are now seeking refuge in a makeshift shelter. The shelter is in a baseball field, which was set up by Tijuana’s mayor.

Unfortunately, the mayor has stated that they are unsure how long they would be able to help the migrants, and as a result, declared a humanitarian crisis.

Although the border reopened after new border installments, it still posed problems for those traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. Many Mexicans and Americans waited in long lines to cross borders in an attempt to visit loved ones.

The issue escalated this past Sunday, when migrants rushed the San Ysidro border in an attempt to cross into the U.S. The riot ended in people coughing from the tear gas canisters that were thrown to disperse the crowd.

The events from the past week have escalated enough to incite violence, which largely happens when oppressed groups try to seek help.

The United States government, as well as the Mexican government, have known for weeks that the migrant caravans were approaching, yet did nothing to prepare.

Although it is valid, Trump’s mission to prevent illegal immigration was carried out horribly this past week.

The use of force with an excessive amount of troops proved the president’s lack of sympathy for the migrants. Many were merely families that wished to seek better opportunities that were not available in the countries they have fled.

Trump’s border protection gave migrants the sole option to remain sheltered in Tijuana in limited space, with limited resources that the city cannot afford to provide.

The president's tactics to control the “invasion” have failed to recognize the migrants as humans.