CPB hosts Office Olympics mirroring the hit show

Photo courtesy of The Office, Twitter

“The Office” enthusiasts were in for a treat this past Friday at CPB’s Office Olympics. Attendees who had assumed that the event was a battle between the different on campus offices were surprised to find they were to compete with each other and that the game’s challenges were inspired by the hit TV show “The Office.”

“We all loved 'The Office.' We remembered the Office Olympics and wanted to do something based off that,” said Samantha Lauridsen, a CPB coordinator.

“The Office” is an American TV series that ran for nine seasons from 2005 to 2013. It generated laughs from awkward scenarios based in a fictional Pennsylvanian office building.

"The Office Olympics" was the third episode in the second season and featured the office employees participating in games they tend to play when others were not around to kill time in their mundane workplace. This episode which is favorited by many, showcases the monotony of office life and how people fantasize how it should be.

With the help of actor Steve Carell as Michael Scott and Greg Daniels, the writer for shows like “the Simpsons” and “Saturday Night Live,” “The Office” has captured the hearts of millions.

With a show racking up major awards, like the Primetime Emmy Awards more than twice it was only right that an event inspired by the show was held. The Office Olympics was held in Friends Hall, giving competitors just enough room to take part in ridiculous yet fun games.

Games included a giant tic-tac-toe board, pinning a tie to Michael Scott, while being blindfolded and a relay race. A prop from the show included a stapler inside of a Jell-O mold.

For those who won the activities they were given raffle tickets that they could later on turn in for a chance to win prizes such as movie tickets.

“I’ve only seen a few episodes of the show but my friends and I had a lot of fun,” said freshman Amanda Donohue.

The College Programming Board at Ramapo hosts and cosponsors over a hundred events per year with other organizations to keep students active on campus. Ran mainly by students, the program coordinators work together to give us events that are made solely for students.

The event was one of the few left that students would be able to unwind at since the semester was coming to an end. 

“Not a fan of 'The Office' but I am a fan of CPB events. I go to them all the time,” said freshman Brianna Burke. Once again, CPB hit it on the nail with another event through their knowledge of what is trending and creativity.