How YouTube influencers are shaping beauty trends

Photo courtesy of YouTube, Wikipedia

Influencers like James Charles, Huda Kattan and even Kim Kardashian pave the way for aspiring beauty gurus all around the world as beauty trends come and they go. These beauty gurus use different social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to increase follower interaction and retention.

These internet celebrities use YouTube to educate their viewers on how to use different beauty products in the comfort of their own homes. They provide different tricks and tips that help those who are inexperienced with makeup feel as if they are professional makeup artists within the few minutes of a video.

Beauty influencers also use social media as a way to promote different brands through their Instagram.

Almost always, we see posts on Instagram with an influencer using different hashtags and product placement. It is a marketing strategy which uses the element of celebrity status that draws consumers in. And let’s face it, we’ve all fallen into this trap at least once.

Ramapo College students find themselves turning to YouTube influencers' tutorials for updates about new techniques and styles.

“I really love makeup in general, daytime looks are my favorite. I use natural colors and just like to keep it simple. For a night out, I like to do dark colors in my crease and of course I swear by YouTubers to teach the ins and outs of the newest makeup trends. Even when I am scrolling through Instagram and see a finished makeup look I like I sometimes will base my look of that," said senior Samantha Ariz.

“Most of the time before I go out I watch a YouTube tutorial, with the type of look I am going for that night. Pop it in the search bar and just copy the tutorial, YouTube influencers has changed my perspective on makeup looks, they get so creative," said senior Heather Mueger.

“If I am interested in a new technique I will watch it in my free time, but I do not rely on these videos for my looks, but they are great for inspiration," said senior Amanda Binetti.

The predicted beauty trends for 2019 are all over the map. When it comes to haircare and hairstyling, all of the rage surrounds the silver and lilac hair color as well as the baby bangs trend. Less is more.

Beauty gurus are swearing about the natural lash lifts and the pouts that standout. Lip hues of corals and reds are all the rage because it warms up the face especially in these colder months. Instagram and YouTube keep us in the loop with all these trends; the beauty gurus always know the newest and most popular trends, and with just a few clicks of our keyboard we are right in the loop with them.

“I love following the new beauty trends, I feel like I am up with the times and always get awesome ideas on the different trends to try out," said senior Kelly Dunnigan.