New podcast highlights America’s obsession with killers

Photo courtesy of Apple, Wikipedia

Though it may sound macabre, fascination with serial killers and cult leaders is not uncommon in today’s pop culture. Countless platforms have released shows, movies, books and podcasts detailing the worst of the worst in crime history.

Spencer Henry, a hair stylist in California, gained popularity on his Instagram (@spencerhenry) for posting stories he found fascinating, and turned the social media series into a podcast titled “Cult Liter” in September 2018.

Henry began his weekly podcast giving listeners detailed accounts of little known North American cult killings, and since then has begun to include some of America’s most famous serial killers. Henry takes special attention to detail in his broadcast, making even well known killers such as John Wayne Gacy a step more terrifying than they once had been.

Though Henry’s podcast is the subject of “macabre history and general spooky” as his Spotify describes it, he also is able to make light and relatable commentary. The events are nothing to be made light of, which he actively acknowledges, but part of what makes “Cult Liter” so entertaining is his ability to make one laugh amidst feeling shocked and horrified.

Spencer’s comments range from questioning the absolute absurdity of some decisions made by cult members and witnesses, to laughing at his own ability to relate to recluse killers.

If you’ve ever found yourself interested in what goes on inside of the mind of a killer or cult leader, you’ll surely find interest in Henry’s take. Coming from a non-professional, the dark events covered each week can be stomached with interest rather than fear, especially with his comedic tone and talent for storytelling.

Each week leaves listeners wondering what could possibly be worse than what they’ve just heard, and draws you back to find out.

Spencer Henry starts each episode welcoming listeners back by introducing himself as their “cult leader,” as his podcast has amassed quite the following in a few short months. Having been placed on the Apple charts, Henry has quickly gained a devout following that is now representing him in “Cult Liter” merchandise which he produced and sold out of in mid-January.

His humoristic style keeps fans interested not only in the cases, but even following up on the few minutes he spends at the beginning or end of an episode telling bits about himself and his life in Los Angeles.

“Cult Liter” is available on a range of platforms including iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud. The episodes each last about 20 minutes, making it an easy podcast to tune into while traveling or going about other tasks, though stopping at just one episode may prove itself a challenge. New episodes can be heard each Monday, with new horrors in store.