Bratz makeup challenge inspires creativity

Photo courtesy of WP:NFCC#4, Wikipedia

Most kids of the 2000s can remember the style icons that were Bratz Dolls. Whether a wave of nostalgia suddenly swept the internet or we were simply reminded how ahead of their time Bratz fashion was, the internet has spent the last week raving over the #BratzDollChallenge.

As with most internet makeup challenges, beauty gurus from far and wide found themselves with bigger eyes and lips this past week recreating their favorite doll.

It’s unclear who began the challenge, but influencers like James Charles and NikkieTutorials have hopped on, only increasing the trend’s popularity.

The challenge invokes the artist to go beyond the normal scope of day-to-day makeup, accentuating the huge cat eyes of the Bratz Dolls and the even bigger lips. Bratz has created plenty of glammed-up styles to choose from, and some recreations feature customized dolls.

Since this trend erupted, customized dolls have been sitting side by side the recreations, giving some publicity to those who work to remake the already fashionable dolls.

Unlike other makeup challenges from the past, this one has been taken to a particular extreme with the large facial features. While some makeup artists have been outlining their eyes and lips, applying the biggest lashes in their collection and carving out their cheekbones in drag style, others have taken to completely redrawing their features to give the full doll effect.

With drawn-on eyes so big that the creators have to keep their real ones shut, the Bratz Doll challenge has inspired another level of creativity from artists. Though many of the artists who participated already branch out to every style and look imaginable, this trend allowed for artists who have not to try their hand at something new and bold.

It was not only makeup looks that were posted in this challenge. Many creators took to matching the clothes and hairstyle of the doll they used, too.

Many creators had different takes on this challenge, with no two looking alike. Even non-beauty YouTuber Jenna Marbles used the challenge as an opportunity to have fun doing a dramatic look on her boyfriend Julien Solomita. Even more lighthearted and less serious videos like these boosted the challenge’s reach and made what can be a daunting, bold look seem fun and doable.

Such extreme makeup trends always offer a refreshing visibility to the diversity of the makeup community. Not only female makeup artists were gaining popularity for their looks; Bratz dolls even in the early 2000s displayed a range of skin tones and styles, and were truly made for all.

Even if you’re not an active member of the makeup artist community, this challenge was certainly hard to miss since few Instagram explore pages were lacking a doll or two this week.

Despite the challenge seemingly slowing down in the past few days as the trend declines, the impact and resurgence of nostalgia will likely inspire future makeup challenges, and perhaps even push makeup artists to try more daring looks.