Fashion Week previews trends for upcoming season

Photo courtesy of Christopher Macsurak, Wikipedia

Fashion Week comes twice a year in September and February in the top fashion capitals of the world. These weeks set the trend for the next season’s fashion showcasing what trends are settling in and which ones are on the way out.

From New York to London, then to Milan and finishing up in Paris, these four big cities set the stage for what is to come. When one thinks of New York it screams unique fashion, so it is the perfect place to test out fashion trends and see what works and what does not.

In New York, fashion week just wrapped up with the top styles for spring, which is right around the corner. It is a large-scale event these two weeks per year allow the designers to showcase their latest styles, fashion and trends with the world. Buyers, the press and top influencers get a first look into the magic.

These outfits or styles like it may be used in different popular events such as the Grammys, Oscars, and the list goes on. It gives celebrities and socialites a platform to showcase the new styles that are extremely unique that you cannot just buy anywhere.

When we take a look at what the runway had to offer this season we see vibrant color and a lot of it. When you think of spring, you might think of bright colors such as yellows, corals – statement colors to say the least. This year we saw a mix of different colors and patterns.

Here is the rundown of what you will be seeing in department stores near you.

Clothes have been featuring a beautiful pop of purple, from dresses to skirts to tights there is head to toe looks full of purple. We are also seeing different shades of brown leather, the perfect accessory in a jacket to make any look chic.

We also have you covered this season if it gets a little chilly; there’s no need to worry because the perfect puffer jacket will have you covered in that department. Off the shoulder looks have been in for a few years now, we are slowly moving away from that look and making it a one shoulder look. It has become very popular and is becoming a common style when you look at dresses or a trendy top.

In the accessory department if you do not have enough room in one of your bags don’t worry just bring two. The double bag look is in and it looks like it isn’t going anywhere so you can pack all the extra lip-glosses and miscellaneous items you can think of.

Bursts of color offer bold looks and will have you standing out in the best way and head to toe of the same color is also in this year.