CPB hosts fun and successful tie-dyeing event

Photo courtesy of Djembayz, Wikipedia

Saturday night marked another successful weekend event with the College Programming Board, this time: Tie-dye night.

Students queued up outside of Friends Hall before the event started as they waited in anticipation, making sure they would be one of the few to get the limited supplies. CPB's first come, first serve crafting events are notoriously popular with students.

Students rushed in to get to the t-shirts, rubber bands and dye that they’d been waiting for, and some got lucky enough to make more than one shirt.

The plethora of plain shirts was more than enough for the group that attended, but some felt other supplies went a bit sparse. Freshman Khalisah Hameed commented, “I had fun, I just wish there was more dye!”

Despite a slight disproportion of supplies, the small group of students who came to enjoy a Saturday night with friends all seemed content. Slow-jams played in the background of the frantic rush to get their desired colors.

“Tie dye is to die for,” said freshmen Danielle DeAngelis. She and the friends she came with all sported smiles throughout the event, exchanging bottles of dye, tips and laughter.

Many students seek out CPB’s weekend events for a bit of time to bond with their friends and relax.

“It’s a good activity for friends after a hard week of school,” said freshman Marissa Krasney, who noted that she and her friends frequent CPB events. It was their first time attending a tie-dye night, and they all left with a new shirt and a good memory.

Events like these also allow students to have a time for creativity, especially when so many are constantly focused on their schoolwork. Tie-dye is a great way to make a messy table of dye into a fun and personalized keepsake.

A slow Saturday night might be common here at Ramapo, but students can agree that events like these give them something to look forward to attending with a group of friends on the weekend.

It is a simple, freestyle activity, but participants were able to be silly, concentrated or imaginative to make the event their own.

Even though some students came away laughing at their final products and their mismatched colors, the smiles they left with showed appreciation for the event nonetheless.

“They ran out of dye which was disappointing,” said freshman Coquette Cruz. “But it was still fun. This was a great event.”

Many students wished the night could have lasted even longer to stay and enjoy the fun some more. On the positive side of things, this likely means the next tie-dye night will be even more awaited as students line up for a second chance at a new shirt and another fun night.