Paris Fashion Week emphasizes bold colors and patterns

Photo courtesy of Simon Ackerman, Wikipedia

The fashion weeks erupt around the world, Paris was in full swing from Monday, Feb. 25 to this Tuesday, March 5. While the collection of shows throughout the week did display common themes shown during this fall-winter season, it also presented an unexpected in boldness of color.

As shown previously in cities such as Milan and New York, Paris had similar trends and statement pieces, all relating to the general popularized style of streetwear. Bike shorts, full body chainmail, dark knee high and combat boots were all elements implemented in the majority of outfits from multiple designers.

However, what separated Paris Fashion Week from the others was the bold components such as tulle and a statement color. There were several looks by multiple designers that used a statement color, especially the color red, to create an entire head-to-toe look, using only that color. While this can create a flatness to a model’s appearance, this is where tulle became a tool as it created dimension on these outfits.

Tulle was mostly unveiled as shoulder pieces as well as full length skirts. These looks created a diversification that many other fashion capitals did not display this year. Valentino’s Fall 2019 look-book was considered a stand out show which took place on Sunday. A unique feature of this show was the neon quote exhibited behind the walking models: “The people you love become ghosts inside of you and like this you keep them alive.”

Through this statement, the theme was clearly representative of love, and the concept that love can be expressed through multiple mediums, including fashion. Valentino exemplified all the common features that Paris Fashion Week consisted of: from streetwear to the color red.

Although the show did include timeless staple pieces like silk dresses, they accessorized these pieces with streetwear elements like combat boots and trench coats. This is what made Valentino original and what made the brand stand out.

Another concept that made Valentino’s show stand out were the poetic notions and lyricals prints within the fabric of the outfits walked. For example, the line “There’s a forever beyond the sky / I think we should go there tonight” was seen on multiple outfits in Valentino’s fall collection.

This creates the whimsical aura that Valentino attempted to portray through their theme of love. All in all, it is clear that Paris Fashion Week followed many trends that the world presented, but this also included their own twist.

Combining classic pieces with contemporary trends was Paris specific, and this created a universal enjoyment for all fashion lovers, class and modern alike. For that reason, the show as a whole seemed to be the most realistic in representing fashion across the globe.