Expensive night at Canyon Ranch is worth every penny

Photo by Jessica Bryan

The Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts is an all-inclusive health and wellness resort that focuses on just that. Walking into the main lobby feels like a dream; the space is quiet and elegant with large windows in the back, as well as happy, soft-spoken people ready to be greeted.

The lobby smelled of hot apple cider with fresh cinnamon sticks, which was complementary to everyone who came in. Once the quick and easy check in process was over and the apple cider was finished, it was time to explore.

From the eucalyptus inhalation room and Jacuzzi in the locker rooms, to the dance studios, yoga studios, and many gyms, this 100,000 square foot spa complex is more than just a relaxing massage.

Nobody would know just by looking at it, but downstairs from the main hall is a 75-foot indoor pool and two fully equipped gyms. Upstairs from the main hall is a track that can only be seen by walking up a flight of stairs.

Besides relaxing experiences like body treatments, facials and salon services, Canyon Ranch offers a wide array of many different health experiences for an additional fee.

Doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers work at Canyon Ranch every day to provide 19 fitness experiences, including body composition screenings and enhanced posture classes.

They also offer 53 wellness experiences, some of which include loss, grief, remembrance programs and digestive wellness classes. They even have metaphysical experiences like tarot card and astrology readings.

Daily, there are a number of different classes that are included with a stay. These classes are not just bound to yoga and gym classes. Breathing classes, West African drum classes and meditation classes are just a few of the things that those who might not be very active can enjoy.

Canyon Ranch is not just about the physical aspect of health and wellness, as they also incorporate the internal part. Alcohol is not served, as Alcoholics Anonymous is a program that is offered and is the reason why many people flock to this resort, although you are allowed to bring your own alcohol if you please.

The food was very bright, colorful and extremely healthy. Breakfast featured, but was not limited to, amazing banana bread French toast, along with a variety of other delicious food like muesli, various fruits and omelets.

Lunch had an amazing salad bar and a great veggie burger. Snacks like smoothies, granola and yogurt were all delicious as well. Dinner, however, was something to get used to. While the food was different and delicious, portions were extremely small.

The salmon could be eaten in four bites max, and the desserts were about the size of an infant’s hand. Despite the odd dining experience, Canyon Ranch could not have been any more refreshing and rejuvenating.

The nightly rate for this resort is definitely high, but when you realize that the food, beverages, room and a very long list of classes are all-inclusive, this resort is most definitely worth the $1,200 a night price tag.

Whether you are looking for a complete lifestyle change or just a relaxing weekend, Canyon Ranch is the place to be.