Sushi X features high quality, all-you-can-eat sushi

Photo by Jimmy Scalia

Walking through the crowded streets of Ridgewood on a Sunday afternoon can provide many people with various different places to eat. On the corner of East Ridgewood Ave stands Raymond’s, a very popular breakfast restaurant that was the main filming spot for when Jerry Seinfeld and Tracy Morgan dined for the show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

On Chestnut Street resides Tori Ramen Chicken, which is a 4.5 star eatery that features a delicious homemade kimchi ramen for an affordable price. While there are countless other authentic restaurants within the area, Sushi X has become a staple for many north New Jerseyans in their desire for sushi. The sushi served by Sushi X is commonly loved for its good quality and also served in copious amounts. 

Just like Tori Ramen Chicken, Sushi X is located on Chestnut Street as the two are squared off on opposite sides of the street. If you happen to be walking down that street, you must be careful not to miss Sushi X.

Its appearance does not work in correlation to how much food the restaurant serves a day. A small brick frame with a single door is the pathway into a sushi lover’s paradise.

The structure of the interior part of the restaurant features a narrow hallway for which tables are set on both the right and left sides. In the back corner resides the sushi chefs whose hands are constantly moving between filing orders and preparing rolls.

It's optional for people to order specific rolls or food off both of the kitchen and sushi menus when dining at the establishment. While that is technically an option, it isn’t one that most customers choose to take; this is because consumers get more for their money and more food when they choose to have the “All You Can Eat” specials.

By choosing this, customers are given a menu to check off any sashimi, sushi or sushi rolls they want at the expense of a $25.99 charge ($27.99 on weekends). Before people know it, they will have trays of tuna, salmon and countless other forms of seafood served to them in a timely fashion.

According to Google reviews, the restaurant has a rating of four out of five stars and its ability to balance portions and its quality has made it one of the most popular sushi buffets in northern New Jersey.

Chris Yip and Christian Cifuentes recently ate at Sushi X for the first time and were thrilled with their overall experience.

“The atmosphere that surrounded Sushi X was a vibe that was truly breathtaking. The decor that hung around made me think I was in a small part of Japan with the busy eaters chowing down on the unlimited sushi,” said Yip, regarding the ambience of the restaurant. 

Cifuentes also acknowledged how great the quality of the food actually was. “The sushi lived up to the hype and had me wanting more. My favorite roll was the ‘Winter Roll’ since it featured spicy crabmeat, crunch and mango sauce.”

With a majority of the feedback being positive in regards to price, food and atmosphere, Sushi X has established themselves as a successful restaurant and a must-eat location if you have never gone before.