Wynwood Walls are a must-see for modern art lovers

Photo by Tori D'Amico

Wynwood is a booming art center that lies within the hustle and bustle of downtown Miami. Somewhat reminiscent of New York’s Chelsea area, Wynwood is a popular destination for art and warm weather seekers.

Most notably, Wynwood houses the work of graffiti artists from around the world in its outdoor art exhibition called Wynwood Walls.

The walls are just that: the walls of building sides covered in giant murals from artists of all kinds. Some murals are better known, like the rainbow mural that boasts “Hello Beautiful!” but all are made by impressive artists.

It has been a creative space between the art and fashion districts for some time, and it makes sense that Wynwood has become a gathering ground for young artists. In and outside the muraled walls, travelers will easily find coffee shops, boutiques, handmade work and Instagram-worthy food stops.

One personal favorite in Wynwood is The Salty Donut, an artisan bakery that focuses on specialty donuts. The shop currently can’t be found anywhere else in the world, so when travelling to Wynwood, it’s a must-stop.

There are many spaces along the main road of Wynwood to stop and enjoy the weather because of its proximity to the beach. However, with so much to do, it’s easy to continue exploring all day.

It would be nearly impossible to gush about Wynwood Walls without mentioning the Instagram opportunities. Nearly everyone at the exhibit is lining up to take photos with the murals and show off their trip. How could they not?

Artists currently featured at the walls include Ron English, Queen Andrea and The London Police. While some walls resonate with social meanings, each one tells a completely different story while using unique styles. 

Galleries within Wynwood Walls bring even more artists to the public. The Peter Tunney Experience currently showcases work that largely revolves around the idea of headlines and panic, countered with his own bold print that says “DON’T WORRY.” 

Whether looking for a warm spot with lots to do, new art to experience or a travel spot worthy of your feed, Wynwood is a great place to visit within Miami. It’s only a short distance from the beach, and popular Miami 18-plus clubs are within walking distance of the artwork. 

The work in Wynwood walls is always rotating as they commission new artists to take up a wall, but it’s guaranteed you’ll find some incredible work no matter when you go.