Donations are collected for Ramapo’s We Care pogram

Photo by Tori D'Amico

On-campus events that intend to bring students together for a good time and for a good cause are common at Ramapo College. Mackin Hall’s recent WeCarenival was a successful example of this, as they collected donations for Ramapo’s We Care program.

We Care is a collection-based program that helps to provide for students in need of food, hygiene products and other necessities. Donations are always welcome, but many students are not aware of how easily they can help.

By collecting microwavable foods, pre-packaged snacks and non-perishables, Mackin Hall’s event showed how easy it is to help students facing food insecurity.

Many organizations on campus made this event possible by showing their support for We Care. Co-sponsors for the event included 1Step, the Professional Fraternity Council, Ramapo Disc Club, Spanish Club and WRPR.

Giving students the opportunity to help others while having fun doing it is important on any college campus. Many college students feel powerless concerning their ability to help some of their fellow peers overcome certain struggles and hardships. Food insecurity and homelessness are big issues in America and can become even more difficult when the weight of college is added on students’ shoulders.

However, Ramapo makes it possible for students to help one another. We Care ensures that there are always resources for students who need them most; something as simple as buying an extra box of granola bars to donate can make a huge difference in the life of another student.

President Olivia Landers felt it was crucial that this event lifted up the We Care program:

“I wanted to join with We Care because I first met them through RASA and they showed us the statistics of how many college students don’t have the supplies they need,” Landers said. “It made me realize how fortunate we are, and it really hit home for me when [the We Care representative] explained that kids on campus use the food pantry because they need it.”

Many organizations on campus have the resources to showcase other programs like We Care, and students were surprised to see just how much food the WeCarenival collected.

We Care is always accepting donations of food or hygiene products at their food pantry in ASB-130. For more information on the resources available through we care, visit