Ramapo hosts a variety of events to celebrate fall

Photo courtesy of Gracie and Viv, Flickr

With leaves changing colors and brisk nights in reach, it’s officially time for fall festivities. For many, this is the most anticipated season of the year. The countdown to cozy sweaters, apple cider, and crunchy leaves began in August. Stores debuted their Halloween and fall merchandise, and coffee shops brewed their first seasonal coffee. The aroma of pumpkin spice is filling Rampo’s campus, and students are ready to take part in their favorite fall trends. 

It obviously wouldn’t be fall without the thrilling nights of spooks and scares of Halloween. The best thing for getting into the ghostly spirit is to attend a haunted house or hayride. DePiero’s Farmstand and Greenhouse, only 20 minutes away from Ramapo, is offering a haunted hayride Oct. 4 – Nov. 2. Be involved with Halloween trends and go to a haunted attraction. Willingly spend your own money to be frightened for at least the next three days!

Looking for a more not-so-scary fall activity? A classic fall past time is pumpkin picking. It is the most popular fall trend that anyone can enjoy. 

Throughout the fall season, many farmers' markets offer hayrides. Depending on the farm, there may be a selection of hayrides to choose from, and most are paired with various fruit picking options.

Freshman Jayne Ryan shared her excitement: “My favorite fall trend is paying to pick various fruits and squashes that I could pick up for cheaper at the grocery store!” It can be seen as a waste of money to pay so much for such a small amount of fruit, but the joyous experience of searching for the prettiest pumpkin in the patch is crucial for the perfect fall season. 

While at the pumpkin patch, don’t forget to document the experience!

Dawn Sy, a current freshman, says that “mustard yellow, scarves, and corduroy remind me of fall.” So make sure to dress in the certified fall fashion basics: colors such as auburn, brown, mustard yellow, tan and all shades of orange. Throw on that oversized plaid scarf (don’t worry if it is over 70 degrees, this is pivotal to the fall aesthetic). Buy a pair of corduroy pants (loose fit, of course!). 

Going to the pumpkin patch is a great way to spend time with a partner, family or friends, but the real reason anyone goes picking on a farm is to just shed light to their Insta-worthy fall photos. But beware, it will be dirty sitting on a stack of hay, so please don’t wear a white sweatshirt! 

Ryan also shared that she can’t wait for the moment she can “wear sweatshirts without actually sweating,” but don’t ruin the photoshoot that only comes once a year! 

Sure, it’s fun to bring home pumpkins and gourds to carve, decorate and display, but no one really cares if they were purchased or not, so be sure to take a photo with each and every pumpkin. The big ones, the little ones, the extra tiny white ones, oddly shaped gourds, even the squashes covered in bumps! Provide a variety, because all gourds matter.

On the way home from the GOURDgeous day on the farm, stop by Starbucks, perhaps, and slurp up every seasonal flavored latte or cold brew they offer. Eat all the pumpkin pastries. There are still eight weeks until Thanksgiving, and everyone should be oozing pumpkin and nutmeg from their pores by then.

Have the best fall yet, just be sure to do it right.