Netflix’s ‘The Politician’ is the next best bingeable show

Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Brad Falchuk are executive producers of “The Politician,” a Netflix original about getting to the top where the impossible is unable to get accomplished. 

Ryan Murphy, the creator of the show, signed a deal with Netflix for $300 million. He has had major success with the hit shows “Glee” and “American Horror Story,” so there were high expectations for the new original. The show aired Sept. 27, 2019 on Netflix. It captures the pressure and stress of a high school student who goes over and beyond to impress, which is different than many shows. It is also sure to include plenty of musical pieces.

Ben Platt is an actor with many awards under his belt, including a Grammy and Tony, best known for his role as Evan Hansen in Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen.” He stars as Payton Hobart, a young man trying to be class president, an A student and get into Harvard so he can fulfill his greatest aspiration of eventually becoming President of the United States.

He and his team, his two best friends and girlfriend, help manage his way to the top. There are laughable parts in the pilot, like when Payton’s friends all discuss how he can win and be class president. They make it about themselves when they assist him in the race, just so they can write it in their resumes and get into their own dream schools.

The team is all about strategy and winning, and there are constant setbacks throughout the entirety of the show, such as when Payton is waitlisted for Harvard, the death of his secret lover, and the race for class president is tenser than ever.

Payton’s powerful ambition is amped as he deals with his goals and personal life, resulting in plans for his campaign that will gain sympathy votes. This includes announcing his vice president or running mate is a girl with cancer, but this adds more drama when it is suspected it all may be a lie.

“The Politician” is a show where emotions run high, as well as being enjoyable and easy to follow.

There is plenty of drama, humor and evoking topics packed in the show, along with many side plots and unique characters that will keep the viewers clicking onto the next episode.

Although it has not even been streaming for a week, it is currently one of the highest rated shows on Netflix. It is a powerful and entertaining show that is extremely relevant.

Overall, “The Politician” is a highly recommended and bingeable show. There are interesting insights on character point of views and their lives as privileged high school students and underrepresented students. Be ready to laugh, cry and understand the importance of modern-day politics.