Dunkin’ Donuts offers new seasonal flavors

Photo courtsey of Thomas Hawk, Flickr

A new assortment of drinks have been added to the Dunkin' Donuts menu just in time for midterms.

Three more coffee drinks have been added to the selection on Dunkin's menu since last week's National Coffee Day: café au lait, the "Shakerato", and a cold brew latte. 

The café au lait (French for "coffee with milk") is a dark roast with steamed milk. This classic drink is a definitive staple to fall, and its new appearance on the Dunkin' menu will deem it to be a popular selection for hot coffee fans. Of course, this drink can also be ordered cold. 

According to Ramapo Dining, the "Shakerato" is "a sweetened espresso swirled with ice." Once blended, a thick layer of foam settles on the top of the drink, marking this as the most intriguing drink solely by appearance. This drink will be the perfect refreshment on warmer days. 

The cold brew latte, suggested in its name, is a cold brew extract with milk. Although a simple blend, iced coffee drinks are considered one of Dunkin's most popular products and they can be seen across campus in the hands of college students during any season. 

These new and exclusive coffee drinks can only be purchased at Next-Generation Dunkin' stores which includes our very own campus Dunkin' Donuts. Next-Generation Dunkin' stores incorporate modern technology such as a cold brew drink tap system. 

Since opening last fall, the Dunkin' Donuts located in the Adler Center has been the hotspot on campus for those in need of a quick coffee. 

Dunkin’ had officially rebranded their chain due to becoming a “beverage-led company” as of January 2019. Many locations have even deleted the “donuts” from their name due to this, and the expansion of their drink variety pushes this rebranding even further. 

Alongside statistics, it is evident why our campus' own Dunkin' Donuts is never shy of a line. The National Coffee Association claim that as of 2019, 63% of adults in the United States drink coffee. 

The NCA also stated that in 2019, "35% of people reported [they drank] coffee made outside the home within the past day." 

With this, it is clear that the new coffee treats are bound to seek profit. 

These exclusive coffee drinks will only be available for a limited time, but they surely will help keep you warm and focused this fall semester.