Ramapo alum’s poetry collection is raw

Photo courtesy of Scott Laudati

“Camp Winapooka” is an outstanding collection of poetry written by Ramapo alumnus, Scott Laudati. He is a fantastic poet and delivers original collections of modern poetry.

No words in the poems are capitalized, but this stylistic choice does not come off as pretentious by any means. The meaning behind his carefully placed words are as strong as any other classical poet.

There are no gimmicks in Laudati’s words, and every point is straightforward, hitting readers where it should. The poems are full of real feelings and fright, as well as hidden optimism, making readers want to continue and see where Laudati’s journey takes him.

The book is split into six chapters, which are named after the place each chapter was written. No matter how often the places switch, the quality of the content never strays off course, and it remains engaging and captivating.

The way in which Laudati paints and explains American patriotism is extremely impressive and perfectly showcases his ability to respectfully deal with subjects that are hard to put into words, without making it into satire. He respectfully gives each topic thorough investment.

His honesty is woven through every line he writes, which makes every topic he touches more thought-provoking. No matter what Laudati is writing about, he makes sure to paint it in an approachable way without losing the sophistication of his creative writing.

His style of writing is predominantly modern, yet he still includes specks of traditional poetry writing. However, it does not alienate the more modern audiences in any way.

Laudati’s writing is accessible to a wide array of generations, and his specific blend of traditionalism and modernism is a key part of his success.

He also focuses on subjects that many readers will be able to sympathize with. His topics tend to be slightly broad, but that makes them perfect for future readers to enjoy, no matter how much time has passed.

Laudati’s collection is a must read. His form of touching art is worth experiencing with an open mind.

This is a perfect example of a modern poetry collection, proving that poetry can still be relevant and original. This art form should not be overlooked or considered outdated, because as long as we have creators such as Laudati, poetry will be worth producing and experiencing.

5 stars