Selections open for winter wear

Photo courtesy of shoes reviews, Flickr

It is that time of year where the light outerwear we have enjoyed for the last three months or so will sadly no longer suffice on its own as colder temperatures and the possibility of more hectic weather patterns arise. Luckily, there is a wide range of options that can fit any budget when it comes to selecting the right piece to match your lifestyle. Coming in at the more affordable end of the spectrum are models from brands such as Uniqlo and Superdry. These easily-accessible and largely affordable brands both have many options to choose from when it comes to outerwear.  

Uniqlo’s “Heattech” material is utilized in many of its puffer jackets and parkas, and with prices anywhere from $50 to $150, it is a perfect entry-level outerwear piece that will serve well through the winter months.  

Superdry’s coats tend to take cues from higher-end brands and utilize them in their designs, creating aesthetically pleasing coats that are also highly functional. Most Superdry coats are waterproof, and many offer fur and other options. Priced slightly higher than Uniqlo, you can find a range of options from them between $100-$300.

Beyond those two there is, of course, the main outerwear staple brand with the most options and highest level of accessibility, The North Face. Most coats range from $200-$500, but the abundance of The North Face products in both their own stores and major retailers means it is easy to find deals and discounts on their products.  

Co-existing with The North Face as the staple outerwear brand is, of course, Patagonia. With a bigger focus on sustainability and relationship with nature than its competitors, Patagonia creates cruelty-free products that largely put function before form, but in a positive way. This ethos along with an industry-leading warranty creates some of the best widely available outerwear products on the market. Prices range from $200-$900 depending on the product, but all are created with the same attention to detail and care.  

Beyond these household names, there are other brands creating more high-end outerwear for that type of customer. Canada Goose makes luxury outerwear that can withstand even the coldest winters, and has prices ranging $500-$2000; however, these high tickets are to justify the products being made at a much more discerning level. Stone Island is another high-end outerwear brand with similar prices of about $500-$2000 depending on the piece, but puts immense focus on the aspect of fabric engineering and testing, often placing them at the cutting-edge of outerwear design.